Saturday, 23 December 2006

Saturday's Visitng Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Ywero", she is an Air Dragon and is bright blue with sliver wings and tail.

Ywero's message for to day is "We know that life is short we now need to know how to make the most of our time here"

Something has to give!

Well I have worked out that to..

Give up cakes, chocolate, wine, bread pasta, rice, cakes, chocolate (something’s need saying twice)

Living with a grumpy over worked Hubby...

Dealing with a 4 month old baby....

And dealing with my parents....


So as Baby Bear will be still be Baby Bear and needs looking after and Hubby will of course be better once he has a few days off over Xmas, and parents are not leaving till the 24th Jan...

Looks like its back to eat shit again for a while!!!!!

Things that make me sad...

• That I was so looking forward to my parents getting I cant wait for them to leave.
• That I was looking forward to being a Mum…but now have no idea how to be one.
• That I used to love spending time with my Hubby…..but now have no time to spend.
• That I need help and support from my parents…but get digs at my parenting skills and they won’t listen.
• That I loved my house…but now its shit as it is too small and I have shit everywhere.
• That I would have time to cuddle and play with my fur children…..but now they leave me alone.
• That I used to know who I was and where I wanted to going…but now have no direction and I dammed if I know who I am anymore.
• That I used to laugh at silly little things…but now I can find the energy.
• That I writing this list at all…………………………………………….

Friday, 22 December 2006

Friday's Visiting Dragon

Well today we have a very special visitor, today's Dragon is "The Dragon", she is looking to commuincate to us the very nature of Dragons, she wishes us to know that Dragons need to be known by humans, the Dragons need to help and guide us humans, there is something very big starting in the next few years that we as humans will need the Dragons knowledge, strength and wisdom.

Her messgae for this day is "Our world is changing and it needs guides, protectors, warrorers and mothers. If your name is called please come"

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Thursday's Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Roeth", she is a Water Dragon and at the moment is looking after a new clutch, she has laid 27 eggs of which 7 are dual Dragons, that means they have two elements at birth, which gave her quite a shock I can tell you. Dual elements are like Fire/Air or Earth/Water. This is the Dragons equivalent to our Blue Star or Crystal Children.

Roeth's message for today is "Embrace that which is different and new"

Wednesday's Visiting Dragon

Wednesday's visiting Dragon was "Verlow", Verlow is an Earth Dragon and comes from Africa, she is the colour of the desert sands in the morning.

Verlow's message for Wednesday was "Your tribe is you strength, knowledge and love"

Tuesday's Visiting Dragon

Tuesday's visiting Dragon was "Wyth", his is an Air Dragon and comes from Western Australia, he is one of the Guardians of Ayres Rock and has been in many dream times.

Wyth's message for Tuesday was "What you know in your heart to be often is"

Monday's Visiting Dragon

Monday's visiting Dragon was "Armorth", Armorht is a Fire Dragon and comes from China, he is a small Dragon with a very long body and only two front feet, his hind leg have developed into his tail.

Armorht's message for monday was "Watch you words for they can hurt without knowledge"


So my parents have made it over here..

Baby Bear made it down to SYD and back without too much fuss...yeah for Baby Bear...

I have realised that we must have the smallest room in the bloody house but at least it's got the computer in it so can now blog in my sleep...which i will be as Baby Bear has now taken to waking up again in the night after sleeping through to about 4am...oh what a shock to the system that was!!!! think it could be a growth now am going to give Baby Bear a dream feed when i go to bed to see if i can push out his 12/1 pm feed...worth a try i say.

It's really quite strange how you can really want something then when you have it can drive you up the wall....

really wanted my parents out here but they are already driving me up the wall...they want everything done NOW..and will just sit and fidget until i do it!!! oh well it's only for 5 weeks...bad Mary me.

I gave some women at the British High Commision a mouth full today as she was being very patonizing...i mean fancy ringing them up to ask for advise....It's like i was ask her to give me her kidney!!! so i let her have it and then after she realsied that she was in fact wrong...oh how i love that..i wished her a very happy christmas!!! very bad mary me again!!!

I have put myself on a diet and so far i have losted 3.2 kgs in 2 not have anything that i really like is paying off...think i might bend a bit over Xmas...i mean what's xmas without bad stuff......bad mary me.

I wish all you most beautiful Marys the best Christmas ever and may all you new year wishes come true.


Sunday, 17 December 2006

Sunday's Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Vasllo", he is a Fire Dragon and is one of the teachers of the new "The Dragon". His job is to teacher her about passion, fire, envy, hate, love and so much more.

His message for today is "Be at peace with yourself"

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Saturday's Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Neroew", she is an Earth Dragon and comes from Wales, she is a very dark red colour like blood and have black under her wings.

Neroew message for today is "Be aware of your darkness as this will lead you to your light"

Faster then the speed of light!

Well i'm back!!! what a hussle it was...

Things i have learnt over the last 24 hours...

Never buy anything flatpacked.....

Never try to but said flatpacked items together with Hubby....

Need big glass of wine whilst butting up said flatpacked items even if it's only 10am.....

Never try to put up flatpacked items whilst Hubby looks after Baby Bear....

New Computers are great if you know how to install the right i now have this " where my @ should be.....very painful i can tell you!

Our house is way too small.....

My parents have already cost us heaps and they're not even hear yet...

I love my new flat screen computer.....with heaps of Meg and RAM...very fast indeed...

I now have to re-install all our files!!!

It's late and i'm a tried Bear.


Friday, 15 December 2006

Signing off for a little while

Well I am going to have to set up my new computer.....aren't you all just green with envy!!! so I might not be online for a couple of days, depends on how quickly I can get it done!!!

Bet you will all miss me so very much!!!!

Must say what a beautiful and Fun ritual Summer Solstice was on Wednesday, and Raihn you looked beautiful in your hockey shirt. It was great to have such a big group there, what a mixure it was too. Great energies.

See you soon.....Marys


Friday's Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Islo", he is an Air Dragon and comes from the middle east. Islo is the colour of the desert sands. He is a Higher Dragon that is coming to the end of his mentoring. He will now move onto his next plane.

Islo message for today is "The Gods know you as if you where one out of a million grains of sands"

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Thursday's Visiting Dragon

Today's Visiting Dragon is "Kero" Kero is an Earth Dragon and she is rich brown and dark green in colour with russett tones to her wings. Kero is the Guardian of the groves, so is slightly smaller than a normal Earth Dragon.

Kero's message is "Know that you are known to the universe as a beautiful soul"

Wednesday, 13 December 2006


I seem to be getting alot of message through that talk about self, self worth, loving yourself and looking to yourself for what you need.

I wonder if we sometimes look to other things or people to help or look after us, when we are more than capable of doing it ourseleves, maybe that is what the real message is about.....

Do we need anyone else but ourseleves?

Is our faith or our beliefs or our religion just a prop?

Do we place too much significane on things,people and places?

I don't believe that we do....

We can if we are not careful.....

We can become to dependance on others, on objects, on places, on things,...

This can mean that we do not see or know that we have the power to make all things happen for ourseleves.

We are what we are because that is the way we are meant to be. We only need to realsie this and all we seek shall be ours.

Ok.....that is really deep and i'm not 100% sure where that came from....

I beleive that it is coming from "The Dragon" she is the head if you like of all Dragons....she is the Matriarch of the Dragons and each time she needs to move on to the next phase in her spiritual jorunery she gives birth to a new Hatchling that will be trained to take her place.
"The Dragon" is like the God and the Goddess together, she is the holder or all Dragon wisdom and knowledge, she is responsable for our interaction with all Dragons and she is coming to the fore to see that this is done before she passes over to the next stage of her spiritual jorunery.

Ok, so I do know where this is coming from, it would seem that I am chanelling her as she wants certain things done before she leaves this plane of existence and the next Dragon takes over.

Wow awesome stuff

Watch this space as they say!!!


Wednesday's Visiting Dragon

Finally today's Visiting Dragon is "Dewello" She is an Earth Dragon and is a Guardian Dragon of the Rain Forests. She is very small about the sixe of a match box and is a brown / rust colour with large wings (she needs to grow into them)

Dewello's message for today is "Look after Mother Earth for she is what feeds us"

Tuesday's Visiting Dragon

Tuesday's Visiting Dragon was Lanith. She is loving this Blog and all the new technology she is learning about!!! She says she loves to swim in the megabites!!!!

Her message for Tuesday was "Life is about new and wonderful things, remember to keep your mind open to all possibilities"

Monday's Visiting Dragon

Well I need to get these Dragons on the blog before they make my brain explode.

Monday's visiting Dragons were "Fantello" and "Heroth" these two Dragons are Air Dragons and are also Twins. You often get twins in the elements of Air and Water. These Dragons are Higher Dragons and have 7 charges that they are looking after. These two are the complete opposite of each other. Fantello is a very deep gray , like the colour of the sky before a storm and Heroth is a very like grey, like the colour of the sky before it rains.

Their message for Monday was "Self love is priceless"

Monday, 11 December 2006

Oh what a night

Well after a long look around Hardly Normal we finially got a sofa bed and new computer desk as the desk we have now whilst is great is too big for the room once said sofa bed is put in!!!!

so if anyone wants a computer desk only 6 months old please let me know, as it will be thrown if not.

Things not to do with a 3 and half month Baby....

Take him to Hardly Normal whislt Hubby takes an age to make up mind on sofa bed and computer desk.....

Not drive BabyBear around for another 20 mins to get him into deep sleep......

Try to settle BabyBear into cot.....Goddess forbid that you try to get him to sleep in his own cot....anyone would think it had spikes in it the way he reacted to it ever time we tried to put in it!!!!!!

Pick him up ever time he Baby Bear is on to this and will not go down in his times ahead today.

Try to cook dinner......

Try to eat dinner.....

Try to have some time with Hubby.......

Try to this ones ok for some reason and i'm not knocking it.....keep it going is what i say....BabyBear when finially down slept until 4.30 this morning from 8 pm......beautiful BabyBear.....

Sunday's Visiting Dragon

Sunday's visiting Dragon was "Creith" he is a Fire Dragon and is a Higher Dragon. He is from Ireland and works mainly with the Druids.

Creith's message for Sunday was "There are those in our lives we love and cherish, and there are those in our lives we hate and despise, make sure you know how to love that which you hate and cherish that which you despise"

Sunday, 10 December 2006

lovely spending

I've got a brand new computer.....hey for me!!!! it's fast very very fast so look out Marys, i'll be able to post pictures....mmmm...could be scary!!!!

Put up our bush last night.....only a small bush...nothing to compair to Mary Boss...but it's better than nothing.

Going to spend more money today as we need to buy we are moving out of our room whilst parents are here....our end room is like the fires of hell, if hell need one fan to stop Hairy Melon and Hubby melting.....could be nasty.

The 8 Dragons that came to me a while ago have finially let me know what they are here for...they said they are here to help me with my workshops in the New year.....ineresting.......not yet sure how they will be helping but i know that i will shortly be finding watch this space.

I have had over 11 messages from the visiting Dragons and i am wondering at what number do i start to look into Dragon oracle many oracle cards in a deck do you normally get!

Will no doubt be told soon....

I am sooooo looking forward to our SPF.....wondering what colour Candle one will be geting......!!!


Saturday, 9 December 2006

Next part of the Never Ending Story

Brain and Maggie were 9 years old and had known each other since first grade when Maggie’s parents had moved into the house next door to Brian’s. Brain first noticed Maggie when she was in her back yard talking to a big ginger and white tom cat, called Sparticus. It seemed that she would say something to the cat then stop as if to let it answer her back. Now Brian knew that some pet owners swore that their animals could understand them but Maggie really acted like he could talk.

Maggie was tall, with flaming red hair, that always escaped her plaits, and freckles. Brian was smaller blonde with bright green eyes with a mischievous twinkle that would make people smile, it also helped him to get away with things as teachers and his parents would always say…”oh he’s too cute” and Brian used this to his full advance. The fact that Maggie was taller than Brian didn’t bother Brain as he was also the smallest boy in his year too, so he was used to people looking down at him.

Saturday morning saw Brain up very early as he had not been able to sleep thinking about the little key. He had kept it under his pillow all night, as he was afraid that it might not be there in the morning. Brain raced downstairs, grab his breakfast and was out the door before his mother could give him any chores for today.

“Hey where are you off too in such a hurry?” his father called out to him, as Brain ran past the lounge room.

“Just going over to Maggie’s, that ok?” called Brain as he ran out the door closing it behind him

“Bit hard to say no to a your back” shouted his father.

Brain grinned as he raced down the front path and round the corner, up to Maggies front door. He rang the door bell and waited, shifting from leg to leg impatiently. Maggie’s mum asked the door.

“Oh it’s you Brian, your up early, got something special planned for today?”

“Not really, Maggie up yet Mrs Chambers?”

“Yes she’s in the kitchen having breakfast, go on in”

“Hi ya Maggie” said Brain as he walked into the kitchen. “got anything planned for today?”

“Not really only my homework, plus some chores, why? Oh I know it’s all about that house again isn’t it?

“Could be”

“I don’t know why you’re so into that house” Maggie said with a sigh. “ok lets go then”

“Mum, I’m just going out to play with Brain, that ok?”

“Sure love just be back in time for tea”

Maggie and Brain left and started to walk up the street towards Mornington Cottage. Brain pulled the key out of his pocket and showed Maggie. Maggie took the key turning it over in her hands and running her fingers over the leaves that had been engraved into it.

“It’s really rather beautiful, the leaves look so real you can almost see them move” said Maggie, she gave the key one last caress before handing reluctantly back to Brain.

“Let’s see if we can find lock that this key fits, I’m sure that it has something to do with Mornington Cottage”

“You would” Maggie said with a slight grin “ok let’s go, where did you want to start looking first?”

“I think that we should go down the side of the house, we need to go into the woods and see if we can see a gateway, a door or something like that”

Brain led the way into the woods that ran along side Mornington Cottage, the woods were the property of the Trawelley family but they let the villages and walkers use it. From a little way in they could see the back fence of the Cottage, it was very high and made up of granite stones that were covered in moss and plants.

“We’re going to have some difficulty finding a door or gate through all those plants” Maggie said. “Maybe we should have brought a trowel or something with us”

Just as Maggie finished speaking a breeze blew a large plant sideways and both children saw what looked like a piece of metal sticking out of the stones. Both children moved in for a closer look,


“why did you take off so quickly this morning without me” said Sparticus, jumping down from a tree to the side of the children. Both Maggie and Brian jumped out of their skins when Sparticus had meowed like that.

“Naughty Sparticus” said Maggie, pointing her finger at him “ and I couldn’t find you that’s why I left without you”

Brain was used to Maggie talking to her cat this way.

“It would seem that he wants to come with us” Brain said, then looking down at Sparticus said “only next time Sparticus please don’t creep up on us like that you caused us quite a scare”

Sparticus meowed a few times turning around in a circle looking up at Brain.

“Creep up on you! Ha I was making so much noise it was embarrassing, humans!”

“Now Sparticus be nice” Maggie said laughingly, “not all of us have your superior hearing”

“That is true, maybe I’ll let this one pass” Sparticus said with his head in the air.

Brain looked on with a grin on his face as he felt that he had just been told off, but for what and why it was a mystery to him.

“Ok, lets see what is in this stone”

Brain parted the moss and plants; there seem to be a piece of metal about 2 inches long sticking out from between the stones, Brain pulled it and more metal came out. When it had come out to about 5 ½ inches Brain met with some resistance.

“Here help me pull Maggie, I think it’s stuck”

Maggie and Brain pulled harder and suddenly the stones give way, both children fell backwards, with Brain landing on Maggie.

“Ough, I know your no heavy weight but that hurt” Maggie said rather angrily.

But Brain wasn’t paying her any attention as he had got up and was looking through the hole that the stones had left.

“Look Maggie, your never going to believe this” Brain shout excitedly

What he had seen was a small wooden door about the size of a cat flap, it was beautifully craved with flowers of all description. They were so well done that Brain found himself bending down to stiff them, and just caught himself in time. Maggie lend over his shoulder to see was had Brain so excited about.

“Oh Wow, that’s awesome, it’s so small, yet just look at those flowers they look like you could smell them”

Brain looked at Maggie strangely, sometimes it was like she could read his mind.

“That’s just what I was thinking, do you think the silver key would fit this door?” asked Brain. Looking down at the key in his hand.

“Well it would seem to be logical, as the key has leaves engraved on it and the door is craved with flowers, go ahead and try it. Although it wont do us much good as it’s too small for us to go through” Maggie said with disappointment, as now that they had found something she was as eager as Brain to explore what was behind this door.

“Meow, meow”

“Good thing that I came along then” said Sparticus with a rather superior tone

Brain looked at Sparticus with a puzzled look, “now why do I get the feeling that he thinks that he can go through this door so it’s good job that we have him with us”

“I sometime feel like you are right and that he can talk” Brain said to Maggie with a worried look on his face


“Bast help us……of course I can talk, you just can’t speak the proper language!”

Maggie laughed hard at this comment but when Brain asked what was so funny wouldn’t tell him!

Brain turned back to the door in disgust, if they wanted to have a private joke let them, he had more important things to do. Brain took the little sliver key out of his pocket and looked for a lock on the door, it was up in the right hand corner of the door, in the middle of a beautifully craved rose. Brain fitted the key into the lock and turned it clockwise. It wouldn’t turn, Brain tried again, but it still wouldn't turn, so he tried it counter clockwise.


The door swung open……

Saturday's Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Eriowel", she is a water Dragon and comes from the North Pole. Eriowel is a Dragon so has past through as a Guardian Dragon then a Higher Dragon and now she is Dragon. Eriowel is an aquamarine colour with silver under belly and wings. She is a very old Dragon and guards the way north for all traveller of the seas.

Eriowel message for today is "A better Dragon is one that looks to themselves for love and self worth"

Of course she includes us when she is saying Dragon in this message.

At last

WhoooooHooooo, my parents will be out here on the 19th Dec and are staying until 24th Jan.......yey I get to spend SPF , New Year and my birthday with them......blooody excellent.

Dad's results were not great but at the moment Dr's happy with how things are hopefully I wont feel like killing them by the time they leave....but it's all good, in built Baby Bear sitters......

Talking of Baby Bear...he is with Daddy going to visit Granma....and your truly gets to vaccum the house...ok I think I went wrong somewhere along the line......oh well some time to blog first then house reward for being a good Hairy Melon!!!!!

So much is happening at the moment as far as the Dragons go...look like the card idea is really ready to take off....will need to sit down and plan some things for next year.....need to think about whether to illustrate all Dragons coming through of just some....mmmmm much to think about.....

I've cut out of my diet....










i've become the mad dragon lady it is that time of the month..oh my poor dear Hubby........Mrs i come!!!!!!!

but my body will be so much better for it.....keep telling yourself that....over and over again and it might just work!!!!!!!


Friday, 8 December 2006

Friday's Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Faroth", Faroth is an Water Dragon and she comes from Scotland, in the highlands of Scotland. Faroth is a Loch Dragon and guards the loch from all things negative. Faroth is a very long and snake like with no wings to speak of an a long feathery tail. She is deep green and blue in colour with white on her tail.

Faroth's message for today is "Flow like the water and you will know peace"

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Thursday's Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Roroth" he is a fire Dragon and comes from Eastern Europe, he is a Higher Dragon and has at the present 7 charges (Guardian Dragons). Roroth is a very large Dragon as he is also very old. He is a deep scarlett in colour with gold tint to wings.

Roroth's message for today is "Knowledge is not something to be kept in the dark, you need to share to grow"

Never Ending Story

Thought I would post the first wee bit of my Never Ending Story...just to get some feedback.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful old house that was so old that the front of it was completely covered in ivy. This house was called Mornington Cottage, although why it was called a cottage when it was very much a house no-one knew. Mornington Cottage was owned by a family called the Trawelleys and had been in their family for generations. The present owner was one Olivia Trawelley. Olivia Trawelley had never married and it seemed that she had always lived at Mornington Cottage; most people from the village could come up with a story about a time they had met or had dealings with Olivia Trawelley. No-one was really sure how old she was and as it was rude to ask a lady her age, it would always be a talking point in the village.

Mornington Cottage was known far and wide for having one of the most beautiful gardens in the area. The gardens had won many trophies and prizes throughout the years. People would come from all over to look and take pictures of this house. They would snap pictures of the hedges, which had been pruned into shapes of peacocks, bears, dogs and some, would swear that there was one that looked like a dragon. They would snap pictures of the flowers and all the garden ordinates, but what all these people did not know, was that this house held a very big secret.

This house was not all it seemed.

This house was older than anyone knew…it was old than time itself…..

Brian and Maggie were on their way home from school on Friday afternoon, when as they did every Friday, they stopped to look at old house, Mornington Cottage, at the corner of their street….

“You know, one of these days I’d like to see what’s at the back of this house” said Brian with a wishful look at the old house.

“Whatever for?” said Maggie…who had never seen the fascination that Brian had with this house

“Well you cant tell me that you have never thought what it would be like, I mean look at the front it’s beautiful…maybe the back is even better, or it could be a real dump…because no-one sees it”

“Well you will just have to wander wont you, coz you cant get into the back of the house” said Maggie over her shoulder as she started to walk away.

Brian did not follow, but instead carried on looking at the house. Just as he was about to turn and walk away a glint of silver by the front gate of the house caught his eye. Brian bent over to see what it could be…when he pick the object up it was a small silver key that had tiny leaves engraved into it.

“Hey Maggie wait up, I’ve find something, come take a look at this” Brian held up the little key.

Maggie sighed and turned back to see what Brian was waving at her.

“Where did you find that?” asked Maggie

“Just over here by the front gate”

“Well it’s probably been dropped by some-one who came to look at this house, or it’s Miss Mornington’s and she’s dropped it coming through the gate” Maggie said and she started to walk away down the road to home.

“Maggie wait!” shouted Brian, “aren’t you at all curious as to what the key might fit?”

But Maggie didn’t answer she just kept walking.

Brain watched Maggie walk away and then looked down at the key in his hand, it wouldn’t matter if he kept it tonight, just so that it was safe and then return it tomorrow would it? Brian pocketed the little key and ran after Maggie.

Copywrite Helen King 2006

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Blog central

Yey…I’m back….

Yey…I’ve got credits on my bigpond account…

Yey I can now blog again….oh it’s heavenly….

Yey we won the cricket……just thought I would throw that odd one in!!!!

And a last YEY….what a great full moon ritual last night…..which I would have to say as I wrote it!!!!! Yes you guessed it…a Dragon Full Moon Ritual……very powerful.

We had so many Dragons at the ritual last night that it was some what crowded and they all wanted to play…..Dragons play can be a wee bit on the boisterous so I had to ask them to be gentle this first time. Hope no-one was too put off by them….they can be fun if you let them.

Well what’s been happening in the wonderful world of me-ness….I’ve gone a complete blank….which is very unusual for me…what did happen last week…..oh yes…very bad week with the wee little Baby Bear…..he’s kind of better…but then I suppose we all have bad days now and again…but Baby Bears bad days seem to all be starting after his first sleep of the morning and then getting worse as the day goes on….what happen to the 3 month thing…when baby was supposed to get over the Witching Hour…it would seem that Baby Bear is only really just starting his……it does get better so I’m told when there are 20!!!!

Enough whinging or I could end up like the English Cricket Team!!!!!! What a thought!!!!!

My never ending story is..yes…never ending…..I’ve got as far as the first adventure and so it goes on..and on..and on….

My Dragon workshop / book is about 20 pages now but have no real structure to it as it all keeps coming through so fast that I’m just trying to get it all down on paper first….order comes next hopefully.

I’m getting a new computer……whoo bloody hoo….one that has more than 4 megs of hard drive would be awesome….so I’m going to go over board and get one that’s got 1GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive and 19” wide LCD…all the better for blogging…..getting it on Saturday….cant wait, of course I’ll need a new desk for it as well…….and a web cam….and the list goes on…..

Waiting with bated breath to hear my Dad’s test results, he has cancer of the liver and stomach and has had treatment which went really well, but his blood proteins were up slightly in Oct and he is going back to see the specialist today….UK time that is….so if all is good then they (my parents) will be booking a flight today to come over for Xmas…and hopefully they can say for 2 months or more…..I’ll probably want to kill them by the end of that time but it will be so good to see them….plus they will get to see Baby Bear……

So please send some happy healing thoughts over to the UK to my Dad…..


Tuesday's Dragon

Tuesday’s visiting Dragon

Today’s visiting Dragon is one from last night that did not get attached to an-one there….his name is “Leveloz” and he is from China…he is a Water Dragon, a beautiful emerald green in colour with silver under belly. He has small wings but a large tail.

Leveloz message for today is “We come in love, trust and peace”

Monday, 4 December 2006

Visiting Dragons

Friday's visiting Dragon is "Owello", She is a Earth Dragon and is from the UK, she comes from Cornwall, where I grew up and lives in one of the old tin mines. She is brown / green in colour and has very large wings.

"Owello"s message for Friday was "Never forget your heritage, as this what has made you who you are"

Friday, 1 December 2006

Big..Big Week

Well this week has been like a roller coaster…one minute up..the next a big deep dive….

Baby Bear had stomach pains on Tuesday & Wednesday night… he was screaming for over an hour and a half……it got so bad on Wed that I ended up calling my MIL….well that in it’s self was a big big big (see needed 3 bigs) thing… I haven’t always seen eye-2-eye with MIL!!!! But I survived it.

Then the next big dive……I was the cause of my poor little Baby Bear’s stomach pains….yes…what a bad mother I am!!! I was giving prune juice as Hubby kept insisting that he was constipated…but he wasn’t……so all I did was give him pain….bad mother me…..not listening to hubby again……

Good bits of my week…..great….awesome…fantastic Wednesday night…really made me think outside the square… was not something that I have really thought about before..but it makes perfect sense…….way to go Mary Rahin…….

And it’s always good to be grateful…..

I’m grateful for….

Baby Bear

My hubby (sometimes!!!)

Strawberry Champagne

Sunny days

Awesome friends

My fur children for their unconditional love

Coffee with friends

Thunderstorms to clear the air


Quite moments when Baby Bear is sleeping…


My Dragons

My family

My mind…

My body…

My soul….

Have started to write a workshop come book on Dragons…think this is going to take a wee while to finish and then I think there will always be more stuff coming through….exciting times ahead.


Thursday, 30 November 2006

Monday's Visiting Dragon

Monday's visiting Dragon was "Lenioel", this Dragon is a Higher Dragon and He is a fire Dragon....he is golden in colour with red edges to his wings and tail. Lenioel is an Eastern Fire Dragon, he comes from Asia and has a very long tail, short fore arms and large wings

'"Lenioel"s message for Monday was "To be a friend is to be friend"

Monday, 27 November 2006


Sorry no Visiting Dragons for Friday & Saturday....they were curiously silence...

Where were they.....

All quite on the Dragon front for 2 whole days....

Jewell starting to wonder....

Where were they.....

Then blam.....6 in one go.....

They were waiting for me to get a mediation down on how to reach your Dragon, be it a Guardian Dragon or a Higher Dragon....

So when Jewell had finsihed that....blam......7 at once....

Oh no...wait.....8....

A lone Dragon turns up with the other 7....

Looks like these 7 are part of a group....

More on them soon.


Sunday's Visiting Dragon

Sunday's visiting Dragons were "Janupor", and "Jonupor" these two are my Water and Air Dragons and they are twins. Their names are only their baby names as they are two of Lanith's 2nd hatching, when they reach adolescents they will be given new names...Lanith has said that I can name them if I she first told me this i was bowled over.

'"Janupor", and "Jonupor"s message for Sunday was "You are what you are meant to be, don't tie yourself up in knots looking for someone else"

Sunday, 26 November 2006

I'm back......!

Well i kept going to blog i really was......

Was going to blog on Friday.......didn't get round to it.....went out to the movies instead...saw The was great well worth seeing......

Was going to blog on Saturday.....really was.....but too tried.......Baby Bear slept for 9 hours..oh how i love my Baby how do i get him to do that again, and again and again...into........his early 40's!!!!!!

So I'm finally blogging now......had a BBQ today with some very good muggle friends...although one is so not a muggle but try telling her that!!! She works and see angels.....muggle Ha!!!

So much Dragon stuff to write about it just keeps coming.....I think I'm going to have to sit down and write it all out then look at putting it into some sort of order...then posting this....or i could end up with it all over the shop......

We are going to "bee" having another Mary soon....I'm going to help her set your blog up.....nick name i think for her well be "Mary Bee...Bee Mary"


Thursday's Visiting Dragon

Thursday's visiting Dragon was "Azurol", he was at the cottage last night and was very eager to be involed with everything that was going on.
He is another Guardian Dragon that seems to work with my Baby Bear's Guardian.....they play it like a tag team....

Azurol's message for Thursday was "Play is essential to your a day as your inner child"

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Rose Cottage Dragon

I thought I would introduce the Rose Cottage Guardian Dragon

Alazrael - Water Dragon

Alazrael came through with her mentor, a large deep blue water Dragon or worm of vast age. Alazrael is aqua in colour with a silver and deep purple under belly that looks like the scales of a fish. She is a bit of a drama queen and likes to be properly introduced at all rituals and gatherings.

Alazrael’s mentor came through first as he was introducing Alazrael to her place of apprenticeship, they both came through as a wave that went from the top of the table to the bottom and back again. Alazrael did a lot of swirling through the group to get a feel for our energies and signatures. Some of the group felt a lot of heat and energy, along with the feeling of the sea and refection.

Jenny was given an egg that had a band of gems that went around the middle of the egg.
Michelle was given a tooth, these gifts are Alazrael’s’ way of greeting and confirmation

What a Day / Night

Well I have to say that yesterday was a wee bit of a trial for my beautiful Baby Bear was not well.....pain in his bowels...or so I think...but again I could be wrong....

I'm not often wrong...

I don't often admit to being wrong.....

So in that case I must be right!!!

I had a hard time trying to get him to was getting very concerned that he would start to fade away and get sick….oh the things you start to think about wen things are not going good!!!

Anyway…sent Baby Bear lots of lovely healing energies when in Mediation at the wonderful Rose Cottage….

What a Goddess send that place has been to me over the last year or so….

Not sure where I would have been it not for Rose Cottage…..would I be sane….not really sure….

Last night at the Cottage we had a fabulous guest speaker Sioux Burns..what a presence she has….she makes you feel sooo goood……..

Have just made an appointment to have a crystal dreaming done…was so excited that I got in that I forgot to ask how much… not like me…..maybe I’ll try do manifest the right amount….just to try it out.

Loved the chanting…I’m going to try them at home…see what Baby Bear makes of them!!!!

I have been writing furiously for the last couple of days about Dragons, Dragons and more Dragons…it’s like the flood gates have opened….but as I’ve almost used up our usage for the Web..I may have to sign off for the next few days and only post my Visiting Dragons…as they wont let me not do that.

We’ll see how we go…

J x

Wednesday's Dragon

Wednesday's visitor was "Nordra" Nordra was my first ever Guardian Dragon, his is an Earth Dragon and is now a mature Dragon, so he started off Bronze in colour and is now the colour of Coal...he is now a Higher Dragon and is looking after the current Rose Cottage Guardian Dragon.

Nordra's message for today is..."Be sure that your path is not obscured by your desire"

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Tuesday's Dragon

Tuesday's visitor was "Sowella" she is a water Dragon, she comes from the oceans around the Arctic / North Pole......Sowella is a beautiful deep green / blue in colour and has very little wings.

Sowella is a Guardian Dragon that has told me she is looking for her charge.....this person is male, blonde hair and has green eyes. They are about mid to late 20's. Please contact me and I will be able to link you two up.

Sowella's message for today is..."There is a never ending depth to you Soul.....never stop looking"

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Monday's Visiting Dragon

Monday's visitor was "Azellom" he is a Fire Dragon, unlike most Fire Dragons he does not have any red colourings at all. He is Black with Silver unbelly and wings. Azellom does not have red in him because he is a Higher Dragon.

Higher Dragons are either all Black, all White or a mixture of Black / Silver / Gold / White. These Higher Dragons are the teachers of the Guardian Dragons and you may see them from tiem to time as the come in to see how their charges are going.

More about these Dragons later.

Azellom's message for today is..."Your soul is your heart, your heart is your eyes and you need to open them all"

Monday, 20 November 2006

Sunday's Visiting Dragon

Sunday's visitor was "Lanith" she is my Earth Dragon and she has been with me since I ist started out on my magickal path....she is deep, wise and so non-judgemental that it often takes my breath away.

Lanith's message for Monday was..."know your own self well because only then will you be able to be content."

More About Dragons

I have been told that I need to explain more about working with Dragons and how I first got to work with them.
It’s hard for me to really pin point when I first started to work with Dragons, they always seem to be there. I didn’t have an imaginary friend mine was a Dragon….although I now know that he was not imaginary!….my first Dragon was very little, he could fit into my pocket and he was Bronze / green in colour, but as with most Dragons their colours can shift with their mood and age. If your Dragon starts out say red in colour they may well change to a russet / bronze as they mature. You see Dragons that we can see or work with are mainly Guardian Dragons….these dragons are the immature Dragons that are in a sort of apprenticeship, sounds strange I know but that’s one of the ways that they can learn about us and have some responsibly, you can normally tell when your Guardian Dragon is reaching it’s maturity because they size will keep changing, it’s like they are fading in and out of one size and then into another as you watch. You need to be ready to say goodbye and let them go with your blessings. If you need another Guardian Dragon you can always ask again for one, but normally you will find that when your Dragon matures so do you.

Dragons see us as treasure…there is nothing that they like more than adding to their hoard…so please don’t feel upset if your Dragon calls you “it’s treasure” it’s an awesome thing for a human to feel. When I first started to use Dragons in my Magick work I could not believe some of the results….but if you wish to use them in your rituals / spells be very, very aware of their power…..their aid will always come with a price….and it can be a high one so you need to be willing and able to pay. Dragons will often ask for something which seem to you to be so small but when you look into it it’s a hard thing for you to do. They will not always tell you the price…as they know better than you what you need to do / work on…and it’s like they use this as a way to push you….and they will push believe me….along your path. They can be very demanding and will not like if you go back on your word…as a Dragon’s word is sacred and not to be looked upon lightly. Having said all that they are so many rewards when working with them…just to be able to tap into their wisdom is so mind blowing that I know it took me several years to come to terms with it. Take Lanith she is a very (I know she won’t mind me saying that) mature Dragon and has been around for along time…’s hard for us to really understand how old some Dragons are because our lives are a blink of an eye for them…..Lanith has a look that goes so deep that I often lose myself in it….that’s something else you need to be aware of….you can lose yourself in their eyes…so you need to ask that they do not allow this to happen until you can handle it…this can take years and lots of practice!

I have just realised how much that I have to tell you all about my wonderful Dragons…..and it’s going to be an onging thing I feel as I’m still learning myself. If you wish to know how to call your own Guardian Dragon please let me know and will go over it with you person to person as it’s not really something that is to be written for anyone…..the Dragons wish to work with you on individual basis.

The last thing for today is that if you have been given a name of a Dragon please do not give this out or tell anyone unless they have given you permission as their names hold great power for them.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit about Dragons let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to know about and I’ll try to cover it for you.

PS…Lanith has decided that she is going to be my Guardian Dragon of this blog…..she says that she needs to get better acquainted with technology!!!!

J xx

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Visiting Dragons

Something that I have been told that I need to0 add to my blog each day is a visiting Dragon…..I have been told that they wish to be heard and known to all, so I will be adding a new visiting Dragon each day or it could be the same one of a couple of days depending on who they wish to reach. I will then be posting it so that there will be record of their words…….wow that’s big news


What a Wacky Weekend.....
It was supposed to be a family weekend this weekend…but hubby developed a “Mr Hyde” personality and did not get out of it until Sunday pm….we went to the markets…which your truly was really looking forward to too…but it wasn’t to be……I ended up stamping my feet and saying a rather loud voice…..I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!!! After the third snide remark from hubby…..thankfully hubby has since said he was sorry!!!! Not sure yet if I will completely forgive him or just use this for some leverage…later on....but I suppose I will have to forgive him as he can read this blog!!! LOL
Does anyone out there in Blogland know anything about computers, as i'm looking for a new one and i'm getting rather confused over the many differnet ones on offer...any words of wisdom greatly recived.
J xx

Friday, 17 November 2006


couldn't help the hell do you add a picture on this thing...i think it's my the only thing that it's really good for is a door i didn't mean that darling you have served my well, but with only 4 g hard drive i feel a new compter coming on!!!!

J x


Motherhood - meaning “the state of being a mother”….well that really sums it up in a nut shell!! NOT…what they don’t say is that nothing in life can prepare you for it, nothing in life can prepare you for that first smile or look, or when they look at you and say “I love you Mum” (something that I have to look forward to), it does not prepare you for all the times when they will not settle or stop crying and you have tried everything on the list that you know of but nothing is working, and you feel like screaming or crying yourself and often do…..but then in the next minute they are looking at you an smiling and you just melt…..I reckon that baby’s have an inbuilt “Mummy Stress Meter” just when you think that you are going to explode…..they pull out that laugh / smile or I love you!!!!

I know that I have been told by many people that things do get better, and in the first few weeks with all the sleep deprivation, it’s very hard to believe that it could get better, but it actually does…so thanks to all of wonderful friends and family that said that very phase…..”You just wait it does get better”
I would like to take this opportunity to say a very BIG, BIG thanks to two very special friends, who without their continued support, laughter and friendship I’m not sure that I would have made this far sane!!!! THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH…….Bee & Gypsy.
Love you both heaps.

Another thing about motherhood…why is it that when you have had one child people always ask…”so when are you having another?”, don’t they realise that at that moment that would be the last thing on your mind…I mean you have just gone through a huge labour……are completely gag gag with lack of sleep and now your expected to think about doing all over again…Goddess help us!!!!!
I know a lady that has had 15 children, she has 40 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren… that is an achieve in it’s self!!!! makes me want to keep my legs crossed though!!!

I think that is about it for today...although this is very addictive, but Hubby has just come in and said "you still on that thing"...think that means in "Hubby"'s time to finish up.

J xxx


Well today has been a mixed bag, some good bits………some bad bits……….and then some more good bits.

Met up with a friend for some Xmas shopping (oh what a nightmare Xmas shopping can be now that I have pram……really need “L” plate on the thing!!!) and coffee…..the thing that I went to pick up some Xmas balls with writing on them…..yes I know sounds slightly off…..but trust me they look good, well these balls were supposed to be going over to England to my family over there but clever old me sent the parcels off without them…….baby brain strikes again…..must have forgotten to take my fish oil for the day…….but how can you remember if you have baby brain….one of life’s little conundrums.

Boy do I waffle…and get off track….never mind it’s what’s going through my mind as I write!!!
Ok so Coffee with friend good bit…..oh and baby Bear (my son) slept all through the shopping and coffee!!!! Bad bit……..he then would not settle for the next 3 hours!!!! Oh well its all character building so people will tell you……?!

Next good bit…..Baby Bear now asleep and Mummy has a glass a wine beside her whilst writing her blog!!!

One thing that I have notice is that the spell check on these sites is none too good….and that’s very bad English!!!! So welcome to Dyslexia Doom!!!! as that is what I am….very dyslexic….so how is she doing this you might or might not ask…..with a word doc and a dictionary!!!! Both have been my very old and dear friends for a very long time!!!!

So if you read this and it don't make sense join the club!!!


Thursday, 16 November 2006

What The!?

Well I have finally taken the plunge and become a blogger! What the hell do I do now!!

I thought that now that I'm a stay at home mum that I would need something to keep me sane, and I was hoping that as I write about my thoughts and feeling of motherhood, something that those that know me will agree has not come that easy to me, it may just help someone else understand and know that they are not alone in this.

So here is something that I have started to write for my son, I am hoping to put this into a drawing of his name and then frame it for him. It was strange because as I did not really realise that this was how i felt about my son until i was writing it.

What’s love got to do with it?
Love meaning to adore, care for, treasure, cherish, be devoted to, and dote on, all this and so much more is how I feel about you my son. You are the light in my life, you make me humble, you make me a better person and you have made me see what a blessing it is to have you in my life. When you look at me with complete adoration it is like being blessed by the angels. Your smile is priceless and I love and live to see it everyday. I am looking forward daily to see all the new things that you do.

It has taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that I am a mother, it was hard at first as I had 37 years to be just plain old me, now I am a mother and responsible for a new and precious life it is an overwhelming feeling. I did not want to get it wrong; I wanted to be perfect for you, to ensure that you did not want for anything. It was hard in the first few weeks learning to adjust to the lack of sleep and a newborn that’s only way to communicate was to cry. We had some ups and downs but I am happy to say the ups far out weighted the downs. I now see Motherhood as a blessing and a challenge which I hope to be able to succeed in. My son I am proud to be your mother, I am humbled to know that you have chosen me. I pray that I will be able to live up to your expectations and help guide you through life.

J x