Thursday, 30 November 2006

Monday's Visiting Dragon

Monday's visiting Dragon was "Lenioel", this Dragon is a Higher Dragon and He is a fire Dragon....he is golden in colour with red edges to his wings and tail. Lenioel is an Eastern Fire Dragon, he comes from Asia and has a very long tail, short fore arms and large wings

'"Lenioel"s message for Monday was "To be a friend is to be friend"

Monday, 27 November 2006


Sorry no Visiting Dragons for Friday & Saturday....they were curiously silence...

Where were they.....

All quite on the Dragon front for 2 whole days....

Jewell starting to wonder....

Where were they.....

Then blam.....6 in one go.....

They were waiting for me to get a mediation down on how to reach your Dragon, be it a Guardian Dragon or a Higher Dragon....

So when Jewell had finsihed that....blam......7 at once....

Oh no...wait.....8....

A lone Dragon turns up with the other 7....

Looks like these 7 are part of a group....

More on them soon.


Sunday's Visiting Dragon

Sunday's visiting Dragons were "Janupor", and "Jonupor" these two are my Water and Air Dragons and they are twins. Their names are only their baby names as they are two of Lanith's 2nd hatching, when they reach adolescents they will be given new names...Lanith has said that I can name them if I she first told me this i was bowled over.

'"Janupor", and "Jonupor"s message for Sunday was "You are what you are meant to be, don't tie yourself up in knots looking for someone else"

Sunday, 26 November 2006

I'm back......!

Well i kept going to blog i really was......

Was going to blog on Friday.......didn't get round to it.....went out to the movies instead...saw The was great well worth seeing......

Was going to blog on Saturday.....really was.....but too tried.......Baby Bear slept for 9 hours..oh how i love my Baby how do i get him to do that again, and again and again...into........his early 40's!!!!!!

So I'm finally blogging now......had a BBQ today with some very good muggle friends...although one is so not a muggle but try telling her that!!! She works and see angels.....muggle Ha!!!

So much Dragon stuff to write about it just keeps coming.....I think I'm going to have to sit down and write it all out then look at putting it into some sort of order...then posting this....or i could end up with it all over the shop......

We are going to "bee" having another Mary soon....I'm going to help her set your blog up.....nick name i think for her well be "Mary Bee...Bee Mary"


Thursday's Visiting Dragon

Thursday's visiting Dragon was "Azurol", he was at the cottage last night and was very eager to be involed with everything that was going on.
He is another Guardian Dragon that seems to work with my Baby Bear's Guardian.....they play it like a tag team....

Azurol's message for Thursday was "Play is essential to your a day as your inner child"

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Rose Cottage Dragon

I thought I would introduce the Rose Cottage Guardian Dragon

Alazrael - Water Dragon

Alazrael came through with her mentor, a large deep blue water Dragon or worm of vast age. Alazrael is aqua in colour with a silver and deep purple under belly that looks like the scales of a fish. She is a bit of a drama queen and likes to be properly introduced at all rituals and gatherings.

Alazrael’s mentor came through first as he was introducing Alazrael to her place of apprenticeship, they both came through as a wave that went from the top of the table to the bottom and back again. Alazrael did a lot of swirling through the group to get a feel for our energies and signatures. Some of the group felt a lot of heat and energy, along with the feeling of the sea and refection.

Jenny was given an egg that had a band of gems that went around the middle of the egg.
Michelle was given a tooth, these gifts are Alazrael’s’ way of greeting and confirmation

What a Day / Night

Well I have to say that yesterday was a wee bit of a trial for my beautiful Baby Bear was not well.....pain in his bowels...or so I think...but again I could be wrong....

I'm not often wrong...

I don't often admit to being wrong.....

So in that case I must be right!!!

I had a hard time trying to get him to was getting very concerned that he would start to fade away and get sick….oh the things you start to think about wen things are not going good!!!

Anyway…sent Baby Bear lots of lovely healing energies when in Mediation at the wonderful Rose Cottage….

What a Goddess send that place has been to me over the last year or so….

Not sure where I would have been it not for Rose Cottage…..would I be sane….not really sure….

Last night at the Cottage we had a fabulous guest speaker Sioux Burns..what a presence she has….she makes you feel sooo goood……..

Have just made an appointment to have a crystal dreaming done…was so excited that I got in that I forgot to ask how much… not like me…..maybe I’ll try do manifest the right amount….just to try it out.

Loved the chanting…I’m going to try them at home…see what Baby Bear makes of them!!!!

I have been writing furiously for the last couple of days about Dragons, Dragons and more Dragons…it’s like the flood gates have opened….but as I’ve almost used up our usage for the Web..I may have to sign off for the next few days and only post my Visiting Dragons…as they wont let me not do that.

We’ll see how we go…

J x

Wednesday's Dragon

Wednesday's visitor was "Nordra" Nordra was my first ever Guardian Dragon, his is an Earth Dragon and is now a mature Dragon, so he started off Bronze in colour and is now the colour of Coal...he is now a Higher Dragon and is looking after the current Rose Cottage Guardian Dragon.

Nordra's message for today is..."Be sure that your path is not obscured by your desire"

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Tuesday's Dragon

Tuesday's visitor was "Sowella" she is a water Dragon, she comes from the oceans around the Arctic / North Pole......Sowella is a beautiful deep green / blue in colour and has very little wings.

Sowella is a Guardian Dragon that has told me she is looking for her charge.....this person is male, blonde hair and has green eyes. They are about mid to late 20's. Please contact me and I will be able to link you two up.

Sowella's message for today is..."There is a never ending depth to you Soul.....never stop looking"

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Monday's Visiting Dragon

Monday's visitor was "Azellom" he is a Fire Dragon, unlike most Fire Dragons he does not have any red colourings at all. He is Black with Silver unbelly and wings. Azellom does not have red in him because he is a Higher Dragon.

Higher Dragons are either all Black, all White or a mixture of Black / Silver / Gold / White. These Higher Dragons are the teachers of the Guardian Dragons and you may see them from tiem to time as the come in to see how their charges are going.

More about these Dragons later.

Azellom's message for today is..."Your soul is your heart, your heart is your eyes and you need to open them all"

Monday, 20 November 2006

Sunday's Visiting Dragon

Sunday's visitor was "Lanith" she is my Earth Dragon and she has been with me since I ist started out on my magickal path....she is deep, wise and so non-judgemental that it often takes my breath away.

Lanith's message for Monday was..."know your own self well because only then will you be able to be content."

More About Dragons

I have been told that I need to explain more about working with Dragons and how I first got to work with them.
It’s hard for me to really pin point when I first started to work with Dragons, they always seem to be there. I didn’t have an imaginary friend mine was a Dragon….although I now know that he was not imaginary!….my first Dragon was very little, he could fit into my pocket and he was Bronze / green in colour, but as with most Dragons their colours can shift with their mood and age. If your Dragon starts out say red in colour they may well change to a russet / bronze as they mature. You see Dragons that we can see or work with are mainly Guardian Dragons….these dragons are the immature Dragons that are in a sort of apprenticeship, sounds strange I know but that’s one of the ways that they can learn about us and have some responsibly, you can normally tell when your Guardian Dragon is reaching it’s maturity because they size will keep changing, it’s like they are fading in and out of one size and then into another as you watch. You need to be ready to say goodbye and let them go with your blessings. If you need another Guardian Dragon you can always ask again for one, but normally you will find that when your Dragon matures so do you.

Dragons see us as treasure…there is nothing that they like more than adding to their hoard…so please don’t feel upset if your Dragon calls you “it’s treasure” it’s an awesome thing for a human to feel. When I first started to use Dragons in my Magick work I could not believe some of the results….but if you wish to use them in your rituals / spells be very, very aware of their power…..their aid will always come with a price….and it can be a high one so you need to be willing and able to pay. Dragons will often ask for something which seem to you to be so small but when you look into it it’s a hard thing for you to do. They will not always tell you the price…as they know better than you what you need to do / work on…and it’s like they use this as a way to push you….and they will push believe me….along your path. They can be very demanding and will not like if you go back on your word…as a Dragon’s word is sacred and not to be looked upon lightly. Having said all that they are so many rewards when working with them…just to be able to tap into their wisdom is so mind blowing that I know it took me several years to come to terms with it. Take Lanith she is a very (I know she won’t mind me saying that) mature Dragon and has been around for along time…’s hard for us to really understand how old some Dragons are because our lives are a blink of an eye for them…..Lanith has a look that goes so deep that I often lose myself in it….that’s something else you need to be aware of….you can lose yourself in their eyes…so you need to ask that they do not allow this to happen until you can handle it…this can take years and lots of practice!

I have just realised how much that I have to tell you all about my wonderful Dragons…..and it’s going to be an onging thing I feel as I’m still learning myself. If you wish to know how to call your own Guardian Dragon please let me know and will go over it with you person to person as it’s not really something that is to be written for anyone…..the Dragons wish to work with you on individual basis.

The last thing for today is that if you have been given a name of a Dragon please do not give this out or tell anyone unless they have given you permission as their names hold great power for them.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit about Dragons let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to know about and I’ll try to cover it for you.

PS…Lanith has decided that she is going to be my Guardian Dragon of this blog…..she says that she needs to get better acquainted with technology!!!!

J xx

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Visiting Dragons

Something that I have been told that I need to0 add to my blog each day is a visiting Dragon…..I have been told that they wish to be heard and known to all, so I will be adding a new visiting Dragon each day or it could be the same one of a couple of days depending on who they wish to reach. I will then be posting it so that there will be record of their words…….wow that’s big news


What a Wacky Weekend.....
It was supposed to be a family weekend this weekend…but hubby developed a “Mr Hyde” personality and did not get out of it until Sunday pm….we went to the markets…which your truly was really looking forward to too…but it wasn’t to be……I ended up stamping my feet and saying a rather loud voice…..I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!!! After the third snide remark from hubby…..thankfully hubby has since said he was sorry!!!! Not sure yet if I will completely forgive him or just use this for some leverage…later on....but I suppose I will have to forgive him as he can read this blog!!! LOL
Does anyone out there in Blogland know anything about computers, as i'm looking for a new one and i'm getting rather confused over the many differnet ones on offer...any words of wisdom greatly recived.
J xx

Friday, 17 November 2006


couldn't help the hell do you add a picture on this thing...i think it's my the only thing that it's really good for is a door i didn't mean that darling you have served my well, but with only 4 g hard drive i feel a new compter coming on!!!!

J x


Motherhood - meaning “the state of being a mother”….well that really sums it up in a nut shell!! NOT…what they don’t say is that nothing in life can prepare you for it, nothing in life can prepare you for that first smile or look, or when they look at you and say “I love you Mum” (something that I have to look forward to), it does not prepare you for all the times when they will not settle or stop crying and you have tried everything on the list that you know of but nothing is working, and you feel like screaming or crying yourself and often do…..but then in the next minute they are looking at you an smiling and you just melt…..I reckon that baby’s have an inbuilt “Mummy Stress Meter” just when you think that you are going to explode…..they pull out that laugh / smile or I love you!!!!

I know that I have been told by many people that things do get better, and in the first few weeks with all the sleep deprivation, it’s very hard to believe that it could get better, but it actually does…so thanks to all of wonderful friends and family that said that very phase…..”You just wait it does get better”
I would like to take this opportunity to say a very BIG, BIG thanks to two very special friends, who without their continued support, laughter and friendship I’m not sure that I would have made this far sane!!!! THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH…….Bee & Gypsy.
Love you both heaps.

Another thing about motherhood…why is it that when you have had one child people always ask…”so when are you having another?”, don’t they realise that at that moment that would be the last thing on your mind…I mean you have just gone through a huge labour……are completely gag gag with lack of sleep and now your expected to think about doing all over again…Goddess help us!!!!!
I know a lady that has had 15 children, she has 40 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren… that is an achieve in it’s self!!!! makes me want to keep my legs crossed though!!!

I think that is about it for today...although this is very addictive, but Hubby has just come in and said "you still on that thing"...think that means in "Hubby"'s time to finish up.

J xxx


Well today has been a mixed bag, some good bits………some bad bits……….and then some more good bits.

Met up with a friend for some Xmas shopping (oh what a nightmare Xmas shopping can be now that I have pram……really need “L” plate on the thing!!!) and coffee…..the thing that I went to pick up some Xmas balls with writing on them…..yes I know sounds slightly off…..but trust me they look good, well these balls were supposed to be going over to England to my family over there but clever old me sent the parcels off without them…….baby brain strikes again…..must have forgotten to take my fish oil for the day…….but how can you remember if you have baby brain….one of life’s little conundrums.

Boy do I waffle…and get off track….never mind it’s what’s going through my mind as I write!!!
Ok so Coffee with friend good bit…..oh and baby Bear (my son) slept all through the shopping and coffee!!!! Bad bit……..he then would not settle for the next 3 hours!!!! Oh well its all character building so people will tell you……?!

Next good bit…..Baby Bear now asleep and Mummy has a glass a wine beside her whilst writing her blog!!!

One thing that I have notice is that the spell check on these sites is none too good….and that’s very bad English!!!! So welcome to Dyslexia Doom!!!! as that is what I am….very dyslexic….so how is she doing this you might or might not ask…..with a word doc and a dictionary!!!! Both have been my very old and dear friends for a very long time!!!!

So if you read this and it don't make sense join the club!!!


Thursday, 16 November 2006

What The!?

Well I have finally taken the plunge and become a blogger! What the hell do I do now!!

I thought that now that I'm a stay at home mum that I would need something to keep me sane, and I was hoping that as I write about my thoughts and feeling of motherhood, something that those that know me will agree has not come that easy to me, it may just help someone else understand and know that they are not alone in this.

So here is something that I have started to write for my son, I am hoping to put this into a drawing of his name and then frame it for him. It was strange because as I did not really realise that this was how i felt about my son until i was writing it.

What’s love got to do with it?
Love meaning to adore, care for, treasure, cherish, be devoted to, and dote on, all this and so much more is how I feel about you my son. You are the light in my life, you make me humble, you make me a better person and you have made me see what a blessing it is to have you in my life. When you look at me with complete adoration it is like being blessed by the angels. Your smile is priceless and I love and live to see it everyday. I am looking forward daily to see all the new things that you do.

It has taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that I am a mother, it was hard at first as I had 37 years to be just plain old me, now I am a mother and responsible for a new and precious life it is an overwhelming feeling. I did not want to get it wrong; I wanted to be perfect for you, to ensure that you did not want for anything. It was hard in the first few weeks learning to adjust to the lack of sleep and a newborn that’s only way to communicate was to cry. We had some ups and downs but I am happy to say the ups far out weighted the downs. I now see Motherhood as a blessing and a challenge which I hope to be able to succeed in. My son I am proud to be your mother, I am humbled to know that you have chosen me. I pray that I will be able to live up to your expectations and help guide you through life.

J x