Monday, 29 January 2007


Well today is going to be one of those wish i didn't have to do this but really need to days!!!

Got to get car rego off to the garage today to wait with Baby Bear whilst they OK the pink slip..then off to AMMI to get the green slip...then of to the RTA to get the blue slip...only kidding just made that one have so many different slip colours over here!!! why i don't know. all very boring i know!!!

Still keeping up my gratitude dariy, some days i have more things I'm grateful for than others...but that's OK i's hard to really, really feel grateful...or to really really feel an emotion that will go with the things i that i can get the "law of attraction" to work....purgh....will keep trying..but i didn't really realise how negative i am in my thoughts until i tried to feel the positive!!! practice makes perfect i suppose.

Dad goes to the specialist on Wed for his check-up so if you could think happy/healing/loving thoughts for him that would be great.


Saturday, 27 January 2007


Well it seems that I've been in hiding....or what feels like parents went home on Wednesday...i drove them to the airport...very sad goodbye as my Dad is sick again and it looks like more treatment when he gets back. Now I'm missing them like crazy...but when they were here they were driving me crazy...go figure!

Spoke to my mum last night and Dad has lost weight, he went to look like an old man in the last few days he was he...very scary for me as i didn't see him when he was ill i know what my sisters went through.....i am looking forward to August when we go over there....

Can you please my Dad healing, as he does not believe in anything remotely "new age" you will need to send the healing to the actual process of his treatment rather than him!!! that's all i can do as i did ask him and then his higher self and got a very clear NO. Also could you send love and healing to my Mum as she will need it in the coming months i feel.

Working hard on my Dragon Workshop and it's looking pretty watch this space for more info on the dates...have been thinking about last Sat in March but need to speak to Rose Cottage committee first.


Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Visiting Dragon

Need to get this one out there before she really gets mad

Terolle is a Water Dragon and her message came to me whilst in the shower. She is grey/green in colour and comes from the Antarctic, she looks after all the migrating sea birds in the region.

Her message is "it's good to be environmently aware, but its better to be environmently active"

Monday, 22 January 2007


Well my parents leave this Wednesday, and while i will be happy to have my house back to normal, i will miss them very much, as my Dad has not been very well over the last few days and it looks like he will need more treatment for his cancer. He has been feeling a lot of pain in his back which is were the liver cnacer is....and has taken pain killers and if you knew my Dad for him to take any sort of pain killers he would have to be in alot of pain. He is now saying that he thinks that he will not be there when we come over in i am trying to get him to be more positive about it all...but as i don't have this hanging over my head it's hard to image what he is feeling!!!
so it's fast track of the passports for both myself and Baby Bear and hopefully....Goddess willing we will be able to get over to see him very soon....if you could all send him some healing eneries that would be great, his name is Colin.

Feeling a wee bit blue myself so will sign off for now.


Sunday, 21 January 2007

Stuff & Things

well what a sinking hot day!!!! thank the Goddess for air con...

It's strange how we but on different faces for different people, we are the life and soul of the party to one group of people, deep and meaningful to another and then mother or Friend to another....which one is the true one....and why the need to change in the first place? Goddess that's a bit deep for such a hot day....but after speaking to a very good friend who was concerned because she was feeling down and that no-one ever excepted her to be she is normally a very happy, and joyful person it made me think why do people not see you for who you are....are they putting their thoughts / feelings onto you?

Oh well one may never know....

Baby Bear is going great guns...happy, sunny little boy he is and a real pleasure...people are so right when they say it gets sure does....

I have been looking at different ways to present my symbols and i have found some really cute little picture frames so will be experimenting with different mediums and such like...I'm very excited.

Dragon workshop is coming on hopefully will be able to run the first one in last Feb early March...hope you all come.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Visiting Dragons

I feel that i need to go into a bit more detail with the visiting Dragons, as so much info comes down to me but i only put in what i feel is relevant, but i have now been told to include everything.

So here goes.....

Today's visiting Dragon is "Cyreo", he is a Western Fire Dragon which means that he comes from a little town called Rondonopolis. Formely known as Rio Vermelho (Red River), Rondonópolis is the third largest city in Mato Grosso. It is located around 215 km (133 miles) from Cuiabá the capital of the state.

The city is growing quickly because many industries are establishing there and soy plantations, considered a "new gold race" in the region, are attracting many emigrants even coming from distant regions of Brazil. These people are mainly those from the South and Southeast regions who used to be involved with cattle-raising.

Cyreo became the Guardian Dragon of this town when they started to grow due to the "new gold race". He looks after the towns interest and helps to keep bad influences out.

He message for today is "Look to your neighbour, for they are a reflection of you"

Monday, 15 January 2007

New stuff

I thought that as it was a new year i would try a new template....not quite sure about this one to be honest...but maybe just need to get used to it!!

Last night i found my healing journal (which has not been used in far too long!) and i have decided to make into a Gratitude/healing/happiness journal, so everyday and i am going to make time to do this, i will write down one or more things that i have been grateful for or have found happiness in or have given healing to. As i feel that i get given lots but need to give out more. that is what is shown to me daily now by my Dragons...give to very true.

It seems strange that i say my Dragons because you can never own a Dragon, but i have been working with some of these Dragons for over 20 or more it feels like they are ones come and go but i have always had my four Dragons with me, ever since i was 12 years old...that's a long when i write it down it seems such a long time....I've never really had a chance to sit and really think about it before, but as I'm trying to get information together for me first Dragon Workshop it has hit me that, yes, i do know a hell of a lot about Dragons. So hopefully i can make sense out of it for you all to enjoy and understand...maybe Kathleen's right i will have to do a beginners workshop and the move on from there, as Dragon workings is not something that you can fall straight into...hmmm more food for thought.

Anyway....must get going as meeting some friends for coffee....


Sunday, 14 January 2007

Strange Day

Well today is the 1st anniversary of Hubby's dad's death, he passed on this time last it seems like it was only yesterday but then sometimes it seems like he's not been here for ever...Hubby is sitting watching the fast and the furious, and when i asked how he was today...said that he's ok, but sometimes thinks that he should miss his dad more. I don't think that you should feel that you have to feel anything when someone you love dies....just remember them as they were and know that you loved them.

Baby Bear had his 2nd set of needles yesterday and was a very brave boy..Hubby had to hold him as i couldn't do that...not very good with needles at the best of times!!!

It seems that the Dragons have been sending me all those symbols...they are saying that they are focus points for energies....i think that this means that when these symbols are drawn or used they are attracting energy to them.....will have to do some more mediation on this.

Have to catch up on a lot of Dragon energies today...hopefully can do this this evening, as they have been sending me heaps. They are saying alot about energy and movement at the moment so it seems that 2007 is a big year for both.

Anyway look forward to seeing you all on Wed.....

My gratitude for today is my Baby Bear and his most beautiful smile.....


Friday, 12 January 2007

Visiting Dragon

Today's Dragon is "Inwello", she is an Earth Dragon and comes from Finland, she lives in the mountains. She is only a very small Dragon and is still growing to her true size.

Inwello message for today is "your voice is a powerfull tool use it wisely"

Found some more symbols

well i have found some more symbols these where done seems that now everytime i pick up a pen they are coming through.....not really sure yet if they are from the Dragons...still wait confirmation from them on this.

There are called:-



Spirit of the music


Spirit of the Rainbow

3 in 1

Spirit of movement



What The!

Thursday, 11 January 2007


Here are some symbols that i have just done, hope you like them.
There are called:-

Dragon Stone





Mother Stone



Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Yemo", she is a Water Dragon and is currently looking after a clucth of eggs that has been laid by "The Dragon", Yemo is the 2nd youngest daughter of "The Dragon".

Yemo is white with emerald green wings, tail and spines, her message for today is "Let the young grow into all that they can be"

England the Green Country

Well as Romy so politely asked...when, where and who is going to England, the answer to that one my dear friends is me, me and me, oh and of course my Baby Bear and Hubby and our dear Fairy Mary.....

I'm off back to show off my beautiful Baby Bear...and hubby of course!!! and Fairy Mary is off on a trip of locating lost here’s a strange thing....I have just found out that I have relatives over here that came out in the 1890's and one was called wait for it...

ARCHIE!!!! Weird eh!!! Well when I get to England my Aunt has done a family tree so will get a copy and start looking from this it's all very exciting!!!

I have just finished watching "The Secret", which my herbalist gave me back in early Dec and's awesome, it's so right, true and just there.....I now am thinking why the hell did it take me so long to watch it...then I read Fairy Mary's blog about a gratitude dairy and WOW again, I was looking for confirmation that this was the way for me and then read Fairy Mary's blog and there is was again...confirmation.....this is something that is talked about in The Secret, to be grateful for what you have and you will become in tune / harmony with what’s around you and as "The Secret" is all about the laws of attraction you will start attracting positive things. So I’m thinking of having a gratitude rock or crystal that I can keep with me and everytime that I touch this rock / crystal I will think of something that I am grateful for, seems really simple but it really works, only thing that I’m wondering about is if I use a crystal does the properties of this crystal come into play with my thoughts of gratitude?...hmmm will have to think on this one some more.

It’s hard to fathom that people have not been doing this already….but just having positive thoughts and having positive feelings are not enough, as you have to really feel, so if you wish for say…..$1,000,000 dollars you have to not only visualize it but feel what it would be like to have that kind of money and think and feel as if it has already happened!! That is what is going to take me time to get my head around I think…but I think that I will start with something small….like getting my bracelet back that I lost, as I really loved it.

Ok here goes………I want my bracelet back……I’m visualizing it back on my wrist and I’m feeling very, very happy to have it back again.

On a totally different subject…I am very happy to hear that our dear cottage is opening up…I am also very happy to hear that MaryMe is getting back on track…my thoughts, love, healing and support are always with you beautiful one, know that what you will become will something truly beautiful, soulful and amazing, you will be like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis and if that take you days, weeks, months or even years I can’t wait to see. Blessed Be.

Ok I’m thinking of running some Dragon workshops this year maybe in March / April time and would like to know if anyone would be interested in coming to one and also what sort of things you would like to know / find out about, as I know lots about Dragons but am not sure what others are looking for. So any feedback would be appreciated.

Friday, 5 January 2007

The Dragons are back!!!!

Well the Dragons are back as they have told me that I need to pass on thier messages, and they feel that it will be helpfull to me.

Today's Dragon is "Panrth" he is an Air Dragon, he is from East Asia and is a mottley grey and blue colour with large feathery wings.

His message for Friday is "Look at this year as the one to change your world, for many changes are coming in 2007"

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

If anyone wants one

I have created some symbols for some of our fellow Mary's here are a couple pictures of them, let me know if you would like one.
These ones are mine and Bee's and are our magicakal names

Having Fun

These are some of the creative things that i've been doing over the last couple of days for Baby Bear's room, hope you like them


What is it?

It's looking at yourself in the mirror each morning wondering what person you will be today.

It's looking into your childs eyes and seeing the person you are.

It's looking at your hubby and knowing what he is thinking.

It's looking at people in the street and knowing that you know what they are going through.

It's looking at the Full Moon with wishes and desries in your heart you wish to come true.

It's looking at the new day with freash eyes.

It's looking at your family or friends and not taking them for granted.

It's looking at the animals, birds and bee and knowing that their time here on this Earth is numbered.

It's looking at life in a brand new way each day.

It's knowing what a hell of a lot of things that you don't know and still need to learn, and hoping you get the time to do so!

It's knowing that you are loved and safe and happy.

Love Jx

My Fur children

Thought that now that i have a better betterer computer i would post some pics, hope you like them

my tree

better late than never is what i say!!!

I'm Back

Well what a Christmas / new year....must say am looking forward to my house being my own again soon.....

Why do people put so much expectations on a 4 month old baby? on Hubby side were not happy that Baby Bear and i did not make it over to theirs on Boxing day.....well Baby Bear had had two big days already and needed time did I...but no they had to say it it would have be so good if you could have be here!!!!!......and then when they finially decided to come over to see us...made the's Baby Bear's present we brought it as he wasn't there to get it on Boxing day......get over yourself is what i say...he is nothing to do with you and will contuine to be doing to do with you!!!! so stick that in you pipe and smoke it!!! grrrrr.

Have not been to well over the last few days...and i have found out that's hard to be sick with a baby!!!!!

Have asked the Dragons to stay back for a while as i am just too tried and not really up to their messages...they have been really surportive of my which is good as i dont have the hopefully once parnets have gone it can all get back to normal.

Happy New Year to all the lovely Marys