Friday, 27 April 2007

Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Graweeo" she is a Water Dragon and lives in the English Channel. She is turquoise and silver in colour with little wings.

Her Message for today is "Knowledge is food for thought"

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Visiting Dragon

Today's visiting Dragon is "Treople", he is a Fire Dragon, he is blood red in colour with sliver and black under his wings. Treople is becoming a Higher Dragon. Treople has just finished his 40th Guardianship and is happy to say that he has now learnt the meaning of time and how much it means to us humans!!! As Dragons do not have the same sense of time we do as they live for over 1,000 times our life span.

His message is "When you feel that you have lost your moment, remember that another moment is coming your way"

Dragon Readings

I will now be offering Dragon Readings from this blog. As Lanith my Earth Dragon has informed me that i need to get them out there!!! They wish to be known to more people, to let people know that they are not to be feared.

It will be a three card spread from my Dragon Tarot cards, that will endeavour to answer the question you send me. I will also be letting you know if any Dragons come through that wish to work with you.

Cost will be $15.

I'm Here, i'm Here

it's all OK you can all rest easy...I'm still alive and kicking!! well just

I've had things on my mind lately as some of you will know what with my Dad not being able to have anymore chemo treatment as his liver is stuffed to put it lightly!! so I've been thinking, and thinking and well just thinking...not really sure about what though......

I will be going over to see him in August..i have decided not to rush over there yet as my big sister said it might make him think that we don't think he will last that long!! so August it is....there one decision over and done next i stay over there longer? think i will....maybe until the end of Sept...OK that's another decision done.....

Now next one....oh that's right there is no next one....

sorry I've been off blog land for a while...have been reading your blogs through just not posting any comments sorry....but I've just been spending time with my son as it seems really important to do this at the moment...i want to be with him all the time now....i just love watching him getting up to stuff that he knows he shouldn't but cant help himself...i think he likes the word NO!!!!! anyway there's plenty of time for him to learn what that word means!!!!

I spoke to Tania Chilby yesterday, she is the lady who produced the wonderful Crystalight i need some advise about how to start my Dragon Oracle Cards off....the amount of money needed to produce 5,000 sets of cards is about $50,000 so i need $50,000 to produce mine!!! time to start using "The Serect"...

Need to sit and have a chat with one Arty Mary re artwork for said cards and then off we go.....I'm very excited about them........

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Dragon workshop

Well i'm thinking Sat 2nd June for the sounds right and will give me time to get organised for give people time to pay for the workshop..always a good idea it think!!!

Application forms will be at rose cottage next wed and the max number will be 10 so it will be first in bested dressed. There will be a deposit of $20 which will be no-refundable as this is needed for me to cover cost of printing and crystals etc....

The Dragons are getting very excited about it...and have told me to get some cards made up for all my apprentices for them to use in their own workings with fun ahead for me!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

More cute pic's

What can you say to fat laid back cat!!!

BB now into making one hell of a mess!!!

"I love my flannel Mum!!"

In bed with mum!!!

Visiting Dragon

Today's Dragon is "Deiuill", he is a Fire Dragon and he is also a Sage. He comes from Haitii, where about 1/2 of the population still pratices Voodoo.

Deiuill's message for today is "Which mask are you wearing today and why? we do not need to look out from behind a mask as life is still as it should be"

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


well Easter is now over for another year..and my waist is very happy about that too....don't think that i've got 4kgs to go more like 24kgs with the amount of chocolate egges i have eaten!!!!

Went to the races in Sydney with a friend and had a BB free weekend...very strange it was too i missed him soo very much...didn't really think i much so that now am not going to put BB in daycare...

not much esle is happening...trying very hard to save up for coming trip to UK....races didn't help that very much...didn't win anything!!!!hmmm

Hope you all had a great easter

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Visiting Dragon

It's been rather quite in Dragon land resently...I think they were giving me time to finish my workshop..they are very exeicted about it i can tell you. They are looking forward to working with you all.

Today's Dragon is "Zeoile", she is a Water Dragon and lives in the region of Oceania, in the Marshall Islands. There is a lot of off shore banking on these islands.

Today's message is "Freedom, do we know what freedom really is?, are we trying too hard to be free without really knowing what we wish to be free from?"

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Wise words?

I thought i would like to share some things about my Gran, just a bit of a memory to her.

My Gran was a very strict couldn't get away with much when she was looking after you...but me being me always tried!! funny thing was the more i tried the more i got to know my Gran more...she would not shout at me, just look at me and then ask me what made me want to do that particular thing!!! very effective...made me think things through.

I was one of her favorite Grandchildren, but of course...when my parents moved from Cornwall to whitshire due to Dad's job, I stayed in Cornwall and often came to Grans for dinner, and a chat. I remember sitting in her lounge room with her and her next door neighbour whilst listening to them chat whilst they both knitted...Gran could knit a jumper in two days.....i have had many a jumper from Gran at birthdays and Christmas and for an old lady she was very daggy jumper from way...very fashionable!!!!

Gran had many little

"A dumb priest looses his benefits"


"Every drop helps as the elephant who peed in the sea said"


"So hungry that i could eat the horse and chase the driver"


"Careful not to throw the baby out with the bad water"

We always said that before she goes we were going to sit down with her and write all this sayings down...and as with everything else life just got in the way.

My Gran was never one for hugs and kisses, but you knew that no matter what she would be there for you...Gran did have faults just like us all but these were what made her who she was.....

Gran i love and miss you.....

see you in the next life...maybe!!!!