Wednesday, 30 May 2007

anyone want to buy a carpet?

9 months today

would you adam and eve it...BB is 9 months old he has now spent the same time out as in!!!!

wonder what he thinks of it all!!!

he is growing like a little weed...his is 10.2kg...and my goodness do i feel it when i pick him up!!! love him to here and back.....

see he's soooo cute....

Friday, 25 May 2007

Drgon Workshop

The workshop will now be on the 14th July from 10-2pm, as there were interested parties but as we all know if all comes down to the cash at the end. If you want to pay it off a bit at a time that's fine just give what you can when you can to either myself or Mary Elf (hope that's ok with you Mary Elf?)

Will be putting posters up in some book shops so hopefully will get the right numbers.

Jane please let me know if you are able to do this date...

Monday, 21 May 2007

you cant see me...can you?

I love my swing mum!!!!


Well the Dragons are defiantly trying to tell me far i have broken two...yes that's right two of my Dragon figures...and I've never ever ever broken one before.....I'm not listening to them it would seem....

well it's kind of hard when you've got your head stuck in a book....must put book maybe in a little while....will just read this one more!!!!

They don't like to be ignored...oh no they don't....

Will be getting into some trouble now.....

Will need to do much fast talking to get back on their good side.....

Friday, 18 May 2007

Thought i should get off my ass...and blog something...well what's been happening in Dragonland this passed week......not a lot really, as i've been re-reading some of my books...."The Belgariad" by David Eddings, which is a set of five books then goes on to another set of five books...i'm at number five of the 1st it's taken me about one and half days to read one book....not bad going when you think about it!!!! so that's why i've been slack re blogging cant blog and read at the same time...i've tried!!!

I have been getting more messages from the Dragons but they are more to do with the Dragon Awareness Cards that i'm getting going at the moment...sort of going into more detail on the message they want on them really.

Am a wee bit disapointed that so far there has only been one person that has paid to come to the Dragon Workshop....well I might have to put it off until July...but will that really give peolpe time to pay for it or will it just be the same then?

Friday, 11 May 2007

rather a long post sorry

sorry didn't realise how long that would be...thanks to you if you took the time to read it!!!!

Some more of my book!!!!

Brian moved back to the doorway and looked in…..what he could see was a forest…..with giant trees that seem to reach all the way to the sky….but how could that be Brian thought as he pulled his head back and looked up at the wall he couldn’t see any trees that tall from here and he should be able too. Magic…maybe Brian thought to himself.

“Come on Brian…what can you see?” Maggie said pulling at his sleeve to get him to move his head from the doorway.

“I see a forest with some very big trees” Brian said with a puzzled look on his face “tell me what you see”

Maggie lent over and looked through.

“Wow your right those trees are huge, but how can that be, we should be able to see them from the street” Maggie looked at Brian with the same puzzled look on her face.

“Maybe it’s Magic” Maggie said in a hushed voice.

Again Brian looked at Maggie strangely, could she read his mind he wondered. Brian gave himself a shake and sat back on his heals. As both Maggie and Brian thought about what they had just seen, Sparticus walked casually through the door….

“MEOW, meow, meow..purrr”

“You should really see what’s really in this back yard, the smells are so good” Sparticus was rolling around in the grass meowing and purring very loudly.

“Sparticus come back here now” Maggie said crossly “we wanted to be the first to go through the door, besides you don’t know might be in there”

“Bit hard for you don’t you think” Sparticus said in a rather superior tone “you’re a bit on the large size to fit through here, and I can take care of myself thank you!”

Then as if the door had heard him, it started to grow…

Brian and Maggie watched in amazement as the door started to push the plants off the wall on either side of it…..slowly it began to expand….it grew to the size of a cupboard door and then to the size of a garage door until finally it was the right size for Brian and Maggie to fit through.

“Well what are you waiting for, come on” Sparticus said as he walked backwards and forwards from the door to the path leading to the forest.

Brian and Maggie looked at each other….did they dare go through? What would happen to them if they did? How would the get back through?

“I’ll go if you will” said Brian looking at Maggie, hoping that she would, as he was very eager to find out more.

“Ok lets” Maggie eyes were bright with excitement.

Brian and Maggie stepped through the door, the first thing that Brian thought, was what a beautiful smell the forest had, like sunshine on wet leaves, candy floss at the fair, all the smells that Brian associates with good times.

They followed Sparticus into the forest along the path, on either side were trees although these trees are not quite as big as the one they are heading towards. The tree in the middle of the forest is so big they can not see around it and it was so big they can not see the top of it. When they reach this tree Brian stops just at the edge of the trees circle, he felt like he should ask for permission to enter the tree’s circle.

“May we please step into your circle oh great and beautiful tree?” Brian asks in a hushed voice.

There was a moment of complete silence and then the leaves blow softly in the breeze…..”Yes, enter young humans”

Maggie looks at Brian with a strange look on her face.

“What” said Brian with a defensive air, “it just felt like the polite thing to do”

“Oh no, I didn’t mean you were wrong to do it” Maggie said quickly, “it’s just that I was thinking the same thing”

“Great minds think alike, so my father says anyway” said Brain stepping into the tree’s circle.

As they both walk towards the tree trunk they saw all manner of animals and birds playing in the tree’s branches and around the base of the tree. There are white and black cockatoos in the branches, magpies on the ground and flying around the tree, little possums clinging to the trees branches and wallabies jumping around the base of the tree.

Brain and Maggie walked around the base of the tree to see how big it really was…they had only gotten halfway around when they came to a door in the trunk of the tree…Maggie looked at Brain with a grin on her face.

“Shall we see where this one leads us” she asked

Brain grinned in answer and open the door. As they both stepped through the door there were steps leading upwards and steps going down. Brain choose the steps going up. He wished to see if they could get to the top of this tree as he knows that the view from the top would be awesome. The steps wound around the tree and the children kept climbing. After what seemed to Maggie like an age, as her legs were beginning to hurt, they came to another smaller door. Brian opened this one and both children had to stoop to get through it properly, they stepped out onto a large branch and as they looked about them they could see what seemed to be little people moving around in amongst the leaves, it was very hard to see them at all as they were the same colour as the leaves on the tree. As it was summertime the little people were all dressed in green, all different shades of green.

One of the little people looked up from his work on a leave and came to towards the children.

“Hello young Humans” he said in a little piping voice “what can we help you with on this fine sunny day”

This little man, as he was not a child as Brain and Maggie had first thought because of his size, was dressed in a light green tunic and dark green leggings with brown leather boots and a dark green hat with a red feather sticking out of the brim. He only came to Brains waist and had a big smile on his face.

“Um we just came through the door at the base of the tree, we don’t really need any help” Brain said not really knowing what to say.

“Well it’s not everyday day we get visitors, in fact I don’t think I can remember the last time we had visitors to our tree” the little man looked a bit puzzled as he said this.

“Come on lets go and see Elder Obby he would know the answer to that one” The little man beckoned them to follow him.

“Oh I am so very sorry, where are my manners” the little man said in a rush, “my name is Taggie, and I’m very pleased to met you both”

“I’m Brian” said Brian holding out his hand to Taggie, Taggie looked at Brian’s hand with head to one side, as he was not sure what he did with it.

“Here, you shake hands when you first meet someone new” Brian explained holding onto Taggie’s hand and lifting it up and down.

“Well how very odd” Taggie said with a frown on his face. “I’ve learnt something very new today, thank you Brain”

“And you would be?” Taggie asked Maggie holding his hand out to her

“I’m Maggie and I am very pleased to meet you to Mr Taggie”

“Meow, meow”

“Oh and this is Sparticus my cat” Maggie told Taggie when Sparticus had meowed at her.

“Please to meet you too Sparticus” Taggie said with a little bow.

“Meow, purr, meow”

“Some one who knows how to show respect to their betters” Sparticus said with a nose in the air. As he wasn’t looking where he was going Sparticus promptly walked into a tree branch that was hanging down.


“Don’t you dare laugh” Sparticus said to Maggie as he looked up to her. Maggie had her hand over her mouth and was looking like she was having a fit, as she was trying so hard not to laugh at him.

Lucky Brian and Taggie had not seen this as they had turned to walk along the branch.

“Come come“said Taggie turning around to Maggie and Sparticus, “let’s go to see Elder Obby, he will be so pleased to meet you all, oh yes he will”

Taggie skipped along the branch heading towards a hollow in the branch. As they came closer to this hollow the children could make out a doorway. It was a very small doorway.

“Come on this way” Taggie said opening the door.

“Taggie I don’t think we will fit” Maggie said looking at the door and then Taggie.

“Oh silly me, silly me of course not, wait right here” Taggie said and ran off into the leaves.

Brain and Maggie looked at each other, what and where had then ended up? And were they able to get back to their home or time.

Taggie appeared again on the other side of the door, “Here drink this” Taggie said hold up two small acorns.

“What’s in it?” Brain asked little unsure about drinking something given to him be an Oak Tribe person.

“Oh it won’t hurt you it will just make you small enough to fit through our doors, the drink will wear off in about two hours” Taggie said holding up the acorns to the children.

“Well we have nothing to lose I suppose” Brain said downing his drink in one gulp. Maggie followed Brain and then they both looked down at themselves, nothing seemed to be happening, but then Maggie felt like she was being pushed downwards, it didn’t hurt it just felt plain weird. Maggie looked over at Brain and he was getting visibly smaller as Maggie watched.

“Wow this is so cool” Maggie said with an excited voice “Look Sparticus, I’ll soon be almost to your size”

“Meow, Meow”

“Yes well now you will know what it’s like to constantly look up peoples noses err!!”

Maggie laughed, “Oh as if you would be doing that, I would have thought that was beneath your dignity”

Meow, purr, Meow

“Well sometimes its hart not too, anyway enough standing around chatting, lets go”

Brain and Maggie were now the same size as Taggie, and as they looked around them they could now see lots of other little doors in the trees branches. Maggie thought that it was quite cool being this size, but then a bird flew over their heads and frighten them both, as it was now the size of an aeroplane. Maybe being this small all the time was not so cool after all, Maggie thought and she was glad that the drink only lasted for about two hours.

Maggie and Brain followed Taggie through the door into a room that was completely round. All the furniture followed the curve of the room, which made the table and chairs in the middle of the room look very strange indeed. Over to the far side of the room sat a very old little man, he was wrinkle and looked like a leave in autumn just before it fell off the tree.

“Welcome to the Gum Tree Tribe, young Brain and Maggie” Elder Obby said very politely.

copywright HJKing 11.05.07

Monday, 7 May 2007

It’s hard for me to really pin point when I first started to work with Dragons, they always seem to be there. I didn’t have an imaginary friend, mine was a Dragon. I now know that he was not imaginary! My first Dragon was very little, he could fit into my pocket and he was Bronze / green in colour, and was called Norda, but as with most Dragons their colours can shift with their mood and age. If your Dragon starts out say red in colour they may well change to a russet / bronze as they mature.
Before that I would often meditate and see and get message from them but would not use then to gain insights into areas of my life or to get help from them. I think the turning point was when I did my first full moon ritual here in Australia, I was alittle confused as to which way I need to have my quarters so I just asked the Dragons to show me and wow did they ever show me. This was when my four Dragons that had been with me since I was about 12 really showed themselves to me. They came down and all stood one of the four quarters, Lanith was an Earth Dragon so she came and stood in the Northern Quarter, Rroth was a Fire Dragon so he came to stand in the Southern Quarter, then there was Janupor who is one of a twin and is a Water Dragon, she came to stand in the Western Quarter and Jonupor is the Air Dragon and he came to stand in the Eastern Quarter. They all then opened their wings and stood wingtip to wingtip and my circle was cast and closed, and that is now how I cast my circle most times. It is not something that I do now with a real conscious thought as it’s now very instinctive to me.
I often say “my Dragons”, which is strange as you can never own a Dragon, but I have been working with some of these Dragons for over 20 or more it feels like they are ones come and go but I have always had my four Dragons with me, ever since I was 12 years old... and that's a long time.

Chocolate Malteaster Fudge Cake!!!

So i thought do i post this...what with all the incredible shrinking Witches/bitches out there but i thought what the's only 5 weight watcher points per slice!!!!! enjoy i say!!!

Malteser Fudge Slice

1 cup self raising flour
¾ cup cocoa powder
120g Maltesers
2 eggs, lightly beaten
¾ cup sugar
2 tbs olive oil
2 x 200g tubs light vanilla fruche
1 tbs icing sugar

1. Preheat oven to 180*C. coat a lamington tin with cooking spray.
2. Sift flour and cocoa powder into a large bowl. Stir in Maltesers.
3. Combine the eggs, sugar, oil and fruche (this is can be done with a hand mixer and make sure all the sugar has been mixed in) and fold into flour mixture.
4. Spread into prepared tin and bake for about 30 minutes or until firm to touch. Cool in the tin.
5. Cut into 16 pieces and dust with icing sugar or cocoa.