Friday, 29 June 2007

Guess What

Guess where i was yesterday!!!!!!

Avebury and Stonehenge!!!!!

Yes that's right two of the most awesome places in England.....sorry still cant get the bloodly photos to load...but do have video of it!!!

Avebury is one of the last standing circle that you can actually walk can actually go up to the stones, touch and feel can feel their vibrations...see images (which is what i did again.....lots of images of animals,village people and trees) and if i can get them through customs i have some rocks from Avebury for you all!!!!! how cool....

And if you don't know anything about should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

Where i get back i'll bring my video to group if you want and load my photo's.

Haven'y been able to find any WitchCraft mags yet Renata still looking thu....

please explain

i feel that i must explain some things....i am rocking BB but cant do it all night as BB is now 11kgs so very heavy too hold. Am patting to sleep but nit if BB wakes every 1/2 hour!!!

BB is getting heaps of cuddles.....why wouldn't i do this!

routine for BB is essential...he ]needs it...he love it....thrives on he do not do well on wingingit!!!!

All is good now thanks for your thoughts/comments

I am coming home early as i cant cope with the plane trip on my own....25 hours is a very long time...all we need to do now is change ticket!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Rain, Rain and more bloodly Rain!!!!

well I've gone from wet Oz to wet UK....they are now having their wettest June on record and last night had floods and torrential rains...hmmm i wonder if we brought it with us...a sort of welcome to the UK present!!!

Went out and brought a rain cover for BB stroller as we couldn't go anywhere with him as nothing is under cover....go figure in a country like England you'd have thought that all would be!!!! just like the POMS to not get it right.

Am still trying to work out how to get my photo's off my phone and onto the far proving somewhat difficult..but i will not be stopped i tell will get to see all that is wet and still wet over here.....

Miss you all heaps....wish i was there......god it's happening already...i want to come home...not sure I'll make it to the end of August.....especially as BB had the worse night of his whole little time here.....woke @ 12pm then would not go back to sleep until 2.20am.......pooooooo and more poooooo not really sure what the reason and even if there had to be one...but we are trying to get him into his routine and that means not patting or rocking to sleep and boy is BB getting mad about that!!!! oh well if all is not good by 11Th July I'm coming back with Hubby....not staying here and having BB scream for over 2 hours with just me to deal with......

So any suggestions............or healing........spells...reiki will be gratefully received.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Letter from my Dad

This is the letter that my Dad wrote to all three of us....

Dear Nicola, Helen and Andrea
I have always felt so proud of the three of you and prehaps never said it to often but I always bragged about you all to my friends.
You have managed to make your own individual mark in going your own way. Keep this up as you have all got lovely families
I loved you all in my own different way and tried to help you on your way.
Just remember me in your hearts, don't grieve too long life moves on please enjoy

Love Dadxxxx

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Hmmm....colour test

ColorQuiz.comJewell took the free personality test!

"Takes easily and quickly to anything which provide..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Finally here

We made it!!! after 25 hours.....not much sleep and airplane food........we finally made it to Mum's was a good trip all things considered.....but will not be making another trip with the BB until here is old enough to eat himself, walk and wipe his own ass!!!

It was very strange to go into the house without Dad...but it's to be expected. The service was lovely if very emotional.....which is again to be expected......i still find it hard to believe that he is no longer here....i was able to put the card i had written on to coffin so that is was burnt with him...which really made me feel good. it was also great to see all the family again...but would have been better if it was not for Dad,s funeral.

Thanks for all the comments....i thought i would do a Bee and not blog for a while just to get some comments on my blog!!!! only kidding sweetie!!!

Well i will try and take some picture of the house and stuff just so you guys can get an idea of who i'm talking about.

will blog more later


Tuesday, 19 June 2007

1 day to go


25 hours on a plane with a 9 month old and a sick hubby!!!!! think BB will be the best out of the two!!!!

All will be i was told today...BB will be a perfect baby and someone else kid will be the terror!!!!

Thanks you all for all your kind thoughts and wishes over the last few days....i will continue to blog from the UK...with photo's of all the lovely place I've been just to really get up Mary Elf's nose!!! only kidding.....

See you all in a couple of months

Sunday, 17 June 2007

3 days to go!!!

OK so have packed bags....

Now what do i do!!!!

Oh yes that's right...panic.........

No will not do that.....most definitely will not do that...hmm

All will be well, all with be goood......much much goood will coming our way that nothing and i mean nothing will go wrong, be bad or upset!!!!!

Remember the secret!!!!!!


Mum has asked if i wish to bring some of my Dad's ashes back to Australia with me...hmmm

do i?

Mum said that as Dad loved coming to Australia then it would be a good idea....hmmm

Mum is the type of person to put their wishes into questions, rather than coming out and saying it...hmmm

so it would seem that some of Dad will be coming to rest here in Oz...hmmm

where to put him!!!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Count Down

Only 4 days to go....until BBOP Day......Baby Bear on Plane day!!!!!

I've packed.....all our bills are paid.....oh my god I've packed already......what the!? well it helps not to wear any clothes you wish to take with you...but that's silly really as it's summer over in the Uk and winter here in Oz hmmm oh well that's what I'm telling myself for the ultra efficientness (yes this is now a word...believe me i know i just made it up!!) of myself!!!!

Hubby has packed...and yes i did stand over him with a whip to make it happen.....

so only 4 days to go.....what will i forget i wonder.....hopefully not BB!!!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Ritual for Dad

I wanted to say a big thank you to Rose Cottage and Lisa for arranging a beautiful ritual to honuor the passing of my Dad. It really helped me to connect with him and my grief.

Thank you to all who were there and all your kind words, kisses and wonderful hugs.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Sunday, 10 June 2007

From this to this

Love you my beautiful son xxxx

Thank you all

just wanted to say a very big thanks to all who have sent love to my family and's very much appreciated

We will still be going out on the 20th as the funeral will be held on the 22nd June

Brett and i are having a roast and a good bottle of Red in honour of Dad tonight as he did love a good bottle of red and a roast dinner....may he rest in peace...


PS Maureen you can now leave comments as i didn't know that i had that setting turn off...sorry sweetie

Too Late

What a strang feeling for someone who is never normally late...or is sometimes early to know that you have been too late.....

My Dad passed away last night at 2230 our time and i was asleep in bed dreaming of who knows what.....i could have done what so many of you said to do and that was get on a bloodly plane and get over there to see him...i mean it wasn't as if i was doing anything really over here was it!!!!

So i will now be travelling for a funeral......

Will hopefully be able to get the next flight out so will let you all know when i'm off....

Friday, 8 June 2007

Going away

I'm going to be off to England on the 20Th June, as my Dad is fading fast. So i may not be on the blog much...but then again i could be as both my sister and Mum & Dad have broadband.....just need to get them to let me use it!!!!

Thanks to all those of you that have sent your love to me over the last few days it's really helped to know you're all there.

I will be taking my mobile and will have international roaming on it so you can still call me and only pay for a normal mobile call.....if you so wish too. will miss you all heaps.

Love Jewell xx

I’ve got a DRUM……… I’ve got a DRUM……… I’ve got a DRUM……… I’ve got a DRUM……… I’ve got a DRUM……… I’ve got a DRUM……… I’ve got a DRUM………

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Arty Farty Mary has once again made a masterpiece…. I’ve got a DRUM………
I’ve got a DRUM……… I’ve got a DRUM………

Monday, 4 June 2007


it looks like my Dad will not be long on this earth, his liver is not good and he has no energy to anything anymore. Maybe there is some sort of medication that he can have that helps his liver process his proteins and carbs but not real sure yet. I am waiting to hear from my Mum tomorrow!

Why does it always seem that I'm waiting..why cant i know one way or the other

I think it's time for me to go over and spend time with Dad now, whilst he is still here!!! as one dear friend told me today "if you had to go over my yourself you would cope" and yes she is right but still it's along way with a baby!!!

Now is the time that really miss my family, miss not being close to them, all you guys are great and know you are there for me...but it's still hard.

I'm going to miss my Dad so much as i was always very close to him...i brought the journey book to send over to him thinking that it might work...but have not sent it! way is that i wonder, do i know that deep down he is not going to make it, or am i just so caught up in my own little world that I've not had time to send it?

I asked my mum want could i get Dad for his birthday this month and she said his health back...oh i so wish that i could!!!!

I don't think that Dad will see another birthday or Father's day, as in England fathers day is in june, but i can only hope.