Saturday, 22 March 2008

Dragon Oracle Cards

I have been told to get moving on these cards as more message are on their way. So far i have over 200 but some are just for me...or maybe not.

I am hoping to have a deck of 22 cards not sure why 22 it's just a number that keeps coming up whenever it think of my Dragon Oracle Cards, so I'm not sure what to do with all the other messages....i do have to meditate on the message themselves so that i can explain them more fully in a booklet that i want to go with the cards....hmm when will i get time to do that one i will make time

Dragon Message

I got a message last night from "Eveioa" who is a dual element Dragon she is a Earth / Air Dragon and she comes from Norway.

Her message was "Never let that which is unseen become unheard"

Make of that what you will as it still baffles me


Definition of bliss

Mine is..

Lying in a bubble bath with candles whilst eating chocolate, whilst Hubby watches Footie....used to have a glass of champagne plus the chocolates but as I'm not drinking at present (been 5 wks) chocolate will just have to do....

One thing that I've never done until last night that a full moon ritual in the bath...yes in the bath...i wanted to do something for full moon but as it was a bit on the wet side...thought why not get really wet and have a bath...i must say it was very powerful...lots of feminine energy..I had a very interesting conversation with a couple of Fairies....i was trying to explain the hair..and why I'd done explain what Cancer was...they did say that they feel that Cancer is a dis-ease from within...and we need to stop looking outward to stop it. Interesting you see.

My Dragons also got in on the act re my hair too....I've been given a new nickname by them...oh so nice of them for's "Rennima" which what they call a Dragon that hatches without the leathery skin...hmm thanks guy's. They also had some words of wisdom for me re Bear..."Nurture the gentle soul so as to temper to steel within"

Also one for me...a big one to..."Talk less - Listen more" easy to say...hehehe....harder to do...but will be trying my best.

Friday, 21 March 2008


Would you Adam and eve it...there is a phobia for just about anything.... including

Witches and Witchcraft- Wiccaphobia..well we're not that bad...are we?
Alcohol- Methyphobia or Potophobia...hmm could be a useful one to have
Beautiful women- that's why people keep running away from me!
Books- Bibliophobia..What the hell do they think a books going to do to them...educate them?
Cooking- Mageirocophobia...think all men suffer from this one
Ghosts or specters- Spectrophobia...not a good one to have if your a medium!!!
Hospitals- Nosocomephobia...can understand this one
France or French culture- Francophobia, Gallophobia or Galiphobia...hmm what can you say to that?
Japanese or Japanese culture- Japanophobia..or this one...some very strange people out there
Names- Nomatophobia...could be very hard if trying to name one's child
Otters- Lutraphobia...what's wrong with otters i wonder...i love them myself
Moon- that's just not cricket
Myths or stories or false statements- Mythophobia...boring
Penis, erect- Medorthophobia.
Penis, esp erect- Phallophobia.
Penis, erect: seeing, thinking about or having- Ithyphallophobia...well what can you say LOL
Pleasure, feeling- Hedonophobia....hmm wonder if you can have both of these phobias together?
School, going to school- Didaskaleinophobia...oh dear now there's a name for it!!!
Sitting down- Kathisophobia..could get hard on your back...but then if you had Ithyphallophobia and Hedonophobia you'd be would never have to be on your back!!!!
Teenagers- Ephebiphobia...well some are scary
Ventriloquist's dummy- Automatonophobia...cant think why...think it would be good taste to have this one...i mean who likes Ventriloquist's dummy anyway?
Words, long- Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia or Sesquipedalophobia..oh this is so mine...i mean i can't even say this one....
Yellow color- Xanthophobia...mad it's a great colour

and there is no phobia's starting with Z....lets see

Zoo's - Zooalotofanimalsincagesphobia
Zebra - whatswiththestipesphobia
Zero - toomuchlikemybankbalancephobia

check this website for lots, and lots more

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Happy Easter One & All

Thank you

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all that supported the World's Greatest Shave...we as a wee little cottage raised wait for it...................

$2362.95......woo hoo

So me looking like this was not in vain....even though am thinking that i will be keeping it like this now as it's so easy to manage....but winter is not yet upon us so will wait to see

Saturday, 15 March 2008

So much that now sticks to my head!

10 things that i can now get to stick to my head...

1 - My towel every morning
2 - Dog hairs..lots of it!
3 - Cat hairs....even more of it!!!
4 - Tissues...don't go there
5 - Nappies...again please don't go there!
6 - My T-Shirts...cant get it off my head!!!
7 - Baby Bear's dinner tonight
8 - Bear's fuffly toys
9 - Bear!!!
10 - Pillow

Wonder what else....any ideas

Something I read on the ABC news true

No wonder so many Australians are depressed, anxious and chronically unwell. It seems to me that by and large we are a very ungrateful lot and we whinge and whine so much that it makes us sick.

When we are not complaining about something, we are gossiping shamelessly about Britney Spears' latest tragedy, our best friend's failing marriage or about who is having sex with whom.

Just read the papers, watch the current affairs shows, and listen to the talk at work. Notice how it makes you feel inside? It is addictive behaviour, it is destructive and it is nasty.

We are in the habit of complaining about what is wrong with everything - including ourselves - without making changes in ourselves or offering open hearted, enlightened suggestions for changes in our systems.

We blame, envy and complain. We hate the Government, we are angry with our parents, we resent paying our taxes, we hate the corporations, our employers just want to rip us off, we envy those who have too much and we despise those who have too little.

Many are addicted to alcohol, to drugs - legal and illegal. Others shop - hoping to find the meaning of life in the next pair of designer jeans.

In my work as a counsellor with people suffering 'depression', I have found people are obsessed with illness, searching the internet to make sense of their physical symptoms, terrified they might discover they have a brain tumour, heart disease or cancer.

And in many cases, the answer is not a label like 'manic depression' accompanied with mind numbing medication.

It is simply learning to take time out, breathe and live in the 'present'. Being grateful for what you have and learning to live without whingeing, blaming or complaining. Ignoring all the negative thoughts around us.

All you need is love

In Australia where we have so much and contrary to what we have been led to believe, money, possessions, academic qualifications, drinking, drugging, cosmetic surgery and the fantasy of eternal youth do not make people happy or well - at least not in any deep and lasting sense. Sure, we may be temporarily elated if we win the lottery but will that money buy us what we are really seeking? What are we really seeking?

The answer is love. Humans seek to love and to be loved. That is it - honest to God. We just want to be loved in all our less than perfect humanness, warts and all.

Having all the possessions one desires will not make them lovable. It may inspire envy but will not inspire love.

The only way for us to find happiness is to become decent and lovable people. Decent and lovable people do not talk badly about others behind their backs; they respect other people's privacy and do not need to find out all the details of the latest divorce or office gossip.

They are grateful and generous with their time and money without expecting notoriety. They recognise that they are just ordinary, flawed human beings and therefore they do their very best not to judge others.

Through their pain and suffering, through letting go of their old destructive and self seeking approach to life, they have learned to change their priorities, their attitudes and their behaviours. They regularly make mistakes, drop the ball, pick it up again and try to do better next time.

For God's sake Australia - we have the potential to be wonderful, loving people with so much to offer our sad, sick and ailing population. Let us strive to be grateful, lovable and useful instead of aiming to be rich, pretty, politically correct and possessive.

Everything else will take care of itself.

Fiona Best is a counsellor and physiotherapist in Brisbane, and author of Poor Me No More.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

The fur flew last night!!!

Well it's done...all hair off and now both Lucky,Heidi and myself are somewhat lighter and in Luckly's case some what shorter too....

It was a great day...lots of people came and we think we have raised about $1000 dollars but not all monies are in and our tins still need to be what this space for more updates....

And well I'll let the photo's speak for themselves.....

Sunday, 9 March 2008

One very cool dude

or maybe a wee bit less cool with teddy there

So cute

Sticker Boy

Why have one sticker when you can have the whole packet!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

hope these blogs will now do for another few weeks...only kidding

What no milk!!!!

Fun was had by all that came...and we were all very happy to share in your special day...but come on...a pub/restaurant that runs out of's just not on..thank the Goddess for our "Cottage" and we wont mention certain "Lucky" that said once asked about coffee and cake.."i bet by the time you all order they would have ran out of something" hmm run out of something they did.... what other bets have you got up your sleeve Lucky...powerball numbers?

some other lovely ladies were also there on the night but as i have not asked them i have not put their lovely faces on the blog....maybe next time

A truly awasome tool

Well I’ll try to post this blog again..but if I lose it again...that's all folks...

Now whilst Lucky and I were whiling away the minutes at Wallsend Plaza the other day, she happen to mention Google Earth to me...and this got me thinking, could i actually look at my families….could I ever…so I wanted to say a real big thank to you Lucky for the information as now it makes me feel that little bit closer to them…I know that pictures taken are some what old but that’s ok..and it’s strange in someway to think the picture take of my Mum’s house could have been taken whilst I was still living there…hmm very small world we live in these days