Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Guess what?

my homework for the YAAD lesion is almost finished...just got the invocations to do and that's it!!!

Do i get the "Dianna" i, do i...

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I'm very Big Kev'd at the moment...a very wise witch told me that i should be compiling a book of all my symbols that i have first i was not sure but yesterday i found a visual art diary with black it's awesome and so right for silver last night i got started on it and it's looking great even if i say so myself...

I may have to get a look at so of the symbols that I've already done for some of you as i have never keep a copy once I've given them to hopefully you have!!!

I've even got a name for this now...just wondering if i need to register it or something like that? can anyone tell me? can i just use this name and not register it? what if someone else is already using it? hmm lots of questions anyone got the answers?

love one very excited witchy

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Boy jobs

Now as if we as females don't do enough now we are expected to do Boy jobs as well....

I'm all for equal rights between he sexes by how come Men thing that means they can sit back on their hair asses and do sweet FA?

I think that looking after your child, cleaning the house, cooking, washing clothes, doing the shopping and of course working part-time is all in a days work for me and most women, so why then just because HE had to empty the bins again!!! he saw fit to get up me about this!!!!!

Well i think that after i did point out n a very nice way of course that i do do the above most day / weeks that having to empty the bins is an OK job really, along with washing the car and cleaning kitty litter trays...

Now i don't know about you ladies but sometimes they are the absolute limit...

so please feel free to let me know your thought on said "Boy Jobs" and whether they exist at all!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Just a kiss

why is it that a kiss on a TV show can get you to asking " Have i ever had that kind of passion" you know the kind....sure you you?

When you look across a room and meet some-ones eyes then bamm it's like a electric shock runs through your body and you can't not look away...then you seem to gravitate towards one another like two magnets until "click" soul connection...


Such thoughts

I've just finished watching an Australian drama on ABC called Valentine's Day. Now i loved it, really really loved it..

Although it was a very predicable is lost not sure who or what he is...comes to small town, gets towns ALF team to play as a team etc...there was a moment at the end when star (Rhys Muldoon) tells the said footie team that he is not in fact a AFL player but is just a of the players said that as his name was Ben Valentine he hadn't lied to him so that was good enough for was like

Well it was like knowing that no matter who or what you are if you are true to yourself you can in fact be whoever you damn well like....

Plus man gets women at the end of show all good really