Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I'm very Big Kev'd at the moment...a very wise witch told me that i should be compiling a book of all my symbols that i have first i was not sure but yesterday i found a visual art diary with black it's awesome and so right for silver last night i got started on it and it's looking great even if i say so myself...

I may have to get a look at so of the symbols that I've already done for some of you as i have never keep a copy once I've given them to hopefully you have!!!

I've even got a name for this now...just wondering if i need to register it or something like that? can anyone tell me? can i just use this name and not register it? what if someone else is already using it? hmm lots of questions anyone got the answers?

love one very excited witchy


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bother registering anything unless you want to pay tax baby!!!w.w.

Helen said...

good comment