Sunday, 6 July 2008

Just a kiss

why is it that a kiss on a TV show can get you to asking " Have i ever had that kind of passion" you know the kind....sure you you?

When you look across a room and meet some-ones eyes then bamm it's like a electric shock runs through your body and you can't not look away...then you seem to gravitate towards one another like two magnets until "click" soul connection...



Lisa said...

yes, i know that passion.
it can make your world or break your heart.

Anchell said...


but you cant spend your whole life looking for it

doesnt work that way

the grass always seems greener elsewhere does it not

Kristy said...

That passion is trouble!

Too many chemical reactions going off in ones brain at one time is surely bad for us, right?

So dont worry Helen. You may be better off.


Helen said...

have had it not really looking for it again...just something i saw last night kind of made me think about things you know how it is!!!